Erabelle is giving away an automatic umbrella as a gift with purchase of its 30g Fairness Sunblock.

The automatic umbrella can be opened and closed with the push of a button. It can be used to shield off raindrops or block out UV rays from the sunlight.

Read more to find out how this umbrella can be used as an effective gift with purchase

Sun Block Gift with Purchase

Sun Block Gift with Purchase

Erabelle is a beauty salon company based in Singapore. Back in 2004, the owners of Derma-Aesthetics, a successful cosmeceutical company started Erabelle with the vision of creating fuss-free beauty.

Drawing from its rich background in the beauty industry, Erabelle pioneered the concept of instant beauty. While the semi-permanent enhancement technique was already in existence, Erabelle perfected it by customizing enhancements according to face shape and facial features.

How may this umbrella be used as a gift with purchase?

This umbrella has an attractive design which reflects the branding of Erabelle. It is targetted at the female skincare market segment. The umbrella is great for cutting out sunlight and protecting the user from harmful UV rays, which is synonymous to the sun block product Erabelle is selling.

The automatic umbrella can be opened and closed with the use of a button. This creates convenient and fuss-free umbrella usage, especially during wet weather conditions.

ODM loves that the umbrella is branded with Erabelle’s logo. This will increase brand awareness. More people will know about the Erabelle brand.

It will also boost brand recall. This will remind existing customers about Erabelle’s brand and boost reminder advertising. More customers will be inclined to make repeat purchases from Erabelle again.

This will also boost brand loyalty from customers. Ultimately, this will increase sales massively for Erabelle. What do you think of this umbrella gift with purchase?