Hawaiian Tropic is giving away a cosmetic pouch as a promo gift with purchase of its tanning lotions. This pouch is larger than any other cosmetic pouch as it is big enough to fit a 200ml bottle of tanning lotion. The pouch is brown in colour and comes with a handle to carry it around. It is a useful item to have for occasions such as a beach party.

Hawaiian Tropic is a famous suntan lotion brand that is sold globally. It is founded by Ron Rice in 1969, where he manufactured the very first suntan lotion in his home garage. He soon became the largest private manufacturer of sun care products in the United States of America.

Promo Gift by Hawaiian Tropic

Promo Gift by Hawaiian Tropic

How distributing a promo gift affects the company

Firstly, having a promo gift helps to increase sales. Consumers are attracted to promo gifts, especially when they see the word “free” highlighted on the packaging. This encourages them to purchase the product. The increase in sales could easily offset the cost for manufacturing the pouch, thus leading to additional profits for the company.

Secondly, having such a promo gift helps to increase brand awareness. When people take notice of such promotions, they will naturally check which brand is offering the promotion. Whether they purchase the product or not, this helps to create a deeper image of the company in consumers’ mind as they remember your company as “the one with the promo gift”.

Thirdly, a promo gift helps to gain customer loyalty. With continuous purchase of the company’s product due to a promo gift, it becomes a habit for consumers to purchase the same brand of product. This is especially so when the product has an increase in value for money due to the promo gift.