Rexona recently, spiced up their marketing campaign with their newest promo gift. The antiperspirant brand offers customers the chance to own a promotional shoe bag by simply purchasing the brand’s in pack offer.

Brand Promotion: Rexona Rolls Out Their Newest Promotional Shoe Bag

Brand Promotion: Rexona Rolls Out Their Newest Promotional Shoe Bag

Promotional Shoe Bag as a Gift With Purchase

The pack includes Rexona Ice Cool, the newest deodorant variant, and the promotional shoe bag. Rexona’s marketing gift is perfect because a lot of sports enthusiasts need and use their products. It is pretty evident because Rexona became an official partner/sponsor of the NBA.

Why Do We Think That This Promotional Shoe Bag Is An Efficient Promotion?

  • Good For Branding  – This custom promotional bag has ample branding area. The brand’s logo could spread on the wide areas of the bag; full front and back. Every time a customer uses the bag, they effortlessly advertise the brand to their peers, colleagues, and families.
  • Material – Rexona uses a lightweight and breathable material for the bag. A breathable sneaker bag won’t trap the smell from sweaty and dirty shoes, allowing the footwear to air dry. The bag also uses a tough mesh, so it’s breathable and sturdy at the same time.
  • Transparent Packaging – The clear packaging helps a lot with how customers perceive the promotion. Customers easily see what’s inside the promotional box, so they’ll exactly know what they are getting. Furthermore, seeing the actual products allows customers to learn more about Rexona’s newest deodorant variant. If you want to know how important it is to have a good packaging, check out the link below.

A good promotional item ensures that your products stand out on retail shelves. And, we are happy to say that Rexona has done a great job promoting their new product with a promotional shoe bag. Always remember that when brands give away quality promotional items this leaves a good impression to customers which, in time, creates a sense of loyalty.

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