Whenever one leaves the house, one would definitely bring a bag to store their daily go-to items! Why not spice your fashion up with Eco-friendly Promotional Bags? Not only will you send an important message across (which is to go green for the environment), but also look chic and stylish. These custom designed bags are the next big thing that will impress people with its sustainability.

Eco-friendly Promotional Bags

Eco-friendly Promotional Bags

The Eco friendly Promotional Bags are available in different colours, ranging from black, hot pink, white and brown. The backpack is able to hold heavy and many stuff as it is big in size. Moreover, it also comes in 2 designs – with one hiding the zip and the other showing off the zip design.

Eco-friendly Promotional Bags

Eco-friendly Promotional Bags

Why Brands Should Offer Promotional Eco-friendly Bags?

  • Customizability – There is much space for users to self-customize the bags by putting lapel pins. Brands can also sublimate bags with full print design to increase brand recognition and visibility. To better fit what the marketing campaign is, a music badge player is an interesting and unique item to attach on the bag. It works similarly like an iPod and hence, it not only brings added convenience and higher perceived value of product, it also improves the aesthetics.
  • Spreading Awareness – With the rise of eco-friendly products, it shows that there is demand for it. Hence, people are getting more aware that they should do whatever means to slow down climate change. Brands hence can provide a solution by offering them as eco-friendly corporate gifts which will boost positive brand image.
  • High Utility – Bags are a common commodity used by everyone in their everyday lives. With that, it is okay to own multiple of bags as they can serve for different occasions. Therefore, receiving bags as a free promotional item will be greatly appreciated.
  • Durable and Eco-Friendly Material – Unlike typical bags that are made from cotton or polyester, this bag is made using kraft paper. Although it may feel like paper, it is washable, extremely strong and tear-proof. Therefore, users can do their part in contributing back to the environment while still using a highly sturdy bag that will not break easily.


Areas of Improvements

  • Reflective Strip – Adding features like reflective strips around the bag will enhance the value of the promotional bag. This is because the reflective shopping bag  acts as a safety measure to alert drivers at night of your presence. Hence, being able to guard your personal safety might be the game-changing factor that boosts sales.
  • Other Size Variations – Other than backpacks, companies can offer Custom Tote Bags as they look trendy and is suitable for people who do not need a big bag. Thus, catering to a wider target audience.
  • Cable Storage Pocket – To increase functionality, adding a cable storage pocket helps to manage earphones to cable wire easily. Users do not need to worry about tangled wires or having trouble finding for it in their bag. With that, people will have a better time associating with the product.


Overall, to make a long-lasting impression, brands have to always think of ways to differentiate their products and make it memorable yet useful for customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does it mean to be eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly is a term that means something is good for our natural environment. Eco-friendly products usually contain material that’s been recycled, material that’s easily recycled, or material gathered from a natural source, like bamboo, which is easy to replace and minimally damaging to harvest.

What makes an environmentally friendly product?

Environmentally friendly products avoid toxic chemicals known to cause harm. For example, products can be made in a facility powered by solar power, or in a building designed to use the least amount of water possible.

What are some eco-friendly household ideas?

– Reusable Coffee Cups – Recycled Toilet Tissue – Biodegradable Waste Bags – Recycled Plastic Rugs – Fair Trade Organic Towels – Ballpoint pens made from Recycled Bottles