Lapel Pins, great and customizable promotional item for any kinds of sports or festive events, especially for awards & internal giveaway.  Recognize customer loyalty, Gifts, Giveaways, Repeat purchase encouragement

Advantages: Bespoke shape, material & colour that can  make many different types of lapel pin

Here are some popular types that suit different occasion:

Cloisonné Pin

  • Jewelry-like appearance with high perceived value
  • Great choice for any design that has clearly separated colours

Metal sheet in any preferred colour is stamped to create a raised outline of the design.

The buried areas are then filled with powdery glass-like colour resins where each colour is filled separately and fired in an oven at 1700 degrees. This gives the cloisonné pin a hard, glossy finish that simulates jewel tones.

Die struck

  • Classical appearance that is very suitable as representative of clubs/status

Choose your preferred colour sheet of metal plating and create your custom die, then stamp your design on the metal. Sandblast the recessed areas to present the contrast.

Soft enamel

  • Combination of elegance and affordability
  • Best with defined designs, clear separate colours

Flat metal sheet of your choice of polished or antique gold, silver or copper is stamped with a die that imprints your design onto the surface of the pin. Slowly, a colour at a time is placed into the recessed areas using the enamel paint. Recommendation – epoxy coating for additional protection

Photo etched

  • More economical and with similar appearance with soft enamel or cloisonné pins – tight budget with many colours requirement
  • Made from a combination of photography and chemical science.

A photo negative transferred onto a metal plate that is in your preferred colour using acid-reaction process. Each colour is then inserted by hand using syringe-type tools. After all colours are filled, the pins are fired in an oven at about 450degrees. Last but not least, cut out from the sheet and polished. Also suited for epoxy coating.

Intricate designs involving gradients or finer details – photographic / silk screen pins

Photographic (offset printed / laser printed)

  • Most flexibility in design and style – gradients, drop shadows, etc.. Giving photographic result

First, cut out the shape of the pin from a metal sheet with the surface of the metal being left smooth.  Then a base colour is spread over the pin, letting the printed design to adhere to it. Next, the design is offset printed onto the lapel pin and with a clear epoxy coating applied to protect against scratches.

Difference of Laser printed: Lased onto each pin rather than being printed.

Silk screen

  • Detailed appearance that requires exact specifications
  • Great for Trademarks
  • Process similar to silk screen t-shirt

To enhance the promotion, you could also include a pin bag – collector/trader.  If you need any recommendation on which is the best for your project, do not hestitate to contact us.