Sanrio brand never fails to attract people. Not only because their beloved characters are very popular among various age groups, but also because their point of sale marketing is always so satisfying to look at.

This Point of Sale Marketing Hack by Sanrio is Worth Trying!

This Point of Sale Marketing Hack by Sanrio is Worth Trying!


Found at a grocery store in Hong Kong, we noticed four interesting elements in their point of sale marketing scheme:


Why We Love Sanrio’s Point of Sale Marketing

  • Use of Gondola End Cap is Remarkable: Products were displayed in a gondola end cap, a clever way to maximise store space. The shelf was complete with colorful posters, which is a simple way to differentiate their brand from others.
  • The POS video display Was eye-Catching: The LED screen was hard to miss. It was a clever way to attract customers to their purchase with purchase promotions. As you can see, Sanrio shared shelf space with Dansk, so the addition of video display really helped highlight their products.
  • Purchase With Purchase Promotional Products Increase Sales: Offering something high-end for a discounted price is certainly a great way to influence buying behavior. With purchase with purchase promotions, marketing managers are able to provide high-quality marketing gifts without compromising their marketing budget. Sanrio was offering high-quality branded thermos and drinking flasks for a budget-friendly price. All customers need to do is buy a certain amount and add a few hundred bucks to get the products. The add-ons certainly helped the brand rack up more sales and the clients to score high-end branded merchandise.
  • High-Quality Merchandise Designs: The designs certainly are eye-catching and high-quality. Fans of Sanrio will certainly love that the products are unique and worth-collecting!
This Point of Sale Marketing Hack by Sanrio is Worth Trying!

This Point of Sale Marketing Hack by Sanrio is Worth Trying!

So, are you planning on using a point if sale marketing strategy on your next campaign? We have here some tips to improve your project. read on to learn more!


Quick and Dirty Tips on Setting Up a Successful Point of sale Marketing

The goal of using point of sale materials is to inform clients of their current promotions, and ultimately drive them to make a purchase. Here’s what you can do to make your own POS advertising a successful one:

  • Make it Informative: With the use of custom shelf talkers and posters, you can inform your clients about your ongoing sale and promotions. These marketing tools are effective in getting people to notice your products.
  • Stick to a Theme: This will give customers something to look forward to. Moreover, they could also help increase sales. This is because customers are more inclined to purchase something that they deem “in fashion.” Also, sticking to a theme adds excitement and makes your display different from the others.
  • Additional Marketing Medium: Adding a marketing LED display, a promotional display standee or giving away a promotional mailer could hep a lot in raising awareness about your brand and what you stand for.
  • Gift Customers with Practical Items: This is to ensure that your promotional items will not go waste. As they are used on daily basis, your customers become more accustomed to the brand. As a business owner, you want your brand to connect with your customers in a personal level.


Our Takeaway…

Point of sale marketing is indeed a great way to boost your brand presence inside retail stores where competition is tight. The use of different techniques also helped in pulling in more people and raising in-store sales.

So, if you need help for your next campaign, don’t hesitate to speak with the ODM team. With an extensive experience in designing and manufacturing, we can help you create the best possible promotional and advertising tools for your business!


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