Hello Kitty Canvas Tote – GWP by Sanrio in USA

Sanrio is the Japanese company which created the famous Hello Kitty. It has a few online stores to cater to different markets. Its online store for USA and Canada has introduced this lovely Hello Kitty canvas tote! Simply spend USD 85 and this tote bag is yours! Although tote bags are common, Sanrio definitely made it interesting by branding it with Hello Kitty. This Hello Kitty canvas tote is certainly effective on driving sales through their online store.

Hello Kitty Canvas Tote - GWP by Sanrio in USA

Hello Kitty Canvas Tote – GWP by Sanrio in USA

What is so interesting about this Hello Kitty Canvas Tote?

Now you wonder what’s the big deal. Well, this exclusive tote is not for sale. Customers are unable to get it from anywhere else. To get this bag, they have to make a purchase of at least USD 85 at the online store. This creates exclusivity.

How does this Hello Kitty Canvas Tote drive sales?

Also, Sanrio listed this promotional product as a limited edition – while stocks last or within these 3 days of purchase. With scarcity, the perceived value of the product is increased. This, therefore, will increase demand of the Hello Kitty canvas tote, which eventually drives sales.

Sanrio also came up with an appealing artwork by placing Hello Kitty all over the bag. It is definitely irresistible for Hello Kitty lovers. It’s always wise to market your promotional item with a strong and popular brand! For example, in this case – Hello Kitty. Users will carry this canvas tote around and by branding this bag prominently, it facilitates free advertising. Most importantly, it promotes brand awareness.

With brand awareness, there would be an increase of traffic to the Sanrio’s website. Visitors will then be able to check out the latest promotions and other featured products! This definitely increases sales on the online store of USA and Canada.


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