With so many forms of digital promotion out there, many wine brands overlook the value of a promotional mailer. Customers appreciate the effort that goes into producing and sending a mailer. This marketing technique effectively reaches customers and makes them feel valued.

Promotional Mailer

Promotional Mailer


Why we love this promotional mailer:

Images: The mailer showcases highlights from prior events. As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. This will interest readers.

Colour Scheme: This mailer features sophisticated, neutral colours. Gold and red appeal to the event’s Chinese guests. This shows customisation for customer incentive. These colours get the reader to focus on the ‘register now’ section, which is great.

Engagement: A QR code makes registering simple. This can be done from a mobile phone.

Promotional Mailer

Promotional Mailer


What could be improved about this mailer?

Refine the design: There are many fonts and images used. Streamlining the design using one or two fonts and styles would be beneficial.

Limit the number of promotions: A marketing giveaway appeals to customers. However, this promotional mailer features five different giveaways which may confuse prospective guests. In the future, the mailer should include just one great promotional gift offer.

Promotional Mailer

Promotional Mailer


How to get the most out of a promotional mailer?

High quality design: The design should look good and be industry fitting. Likewise, use a print company that will execute this well and can provide accurate colours and high-quality paper.

Eco-friendly printing: Investigate your printer’s environmental impact. As a result, you can advertise that the mailer has been produced with recycled paper and eco-friendly ink. This mitigates issues your customers may have with the sustainability of mailers.

Target audience: The easiest way to increase sales is to target former customers. This group care about the event and will feel valued by your brand. A company can also buy mailing lists specific to their key public. This is a good way of increasing reach. For example, this promotional wine mailer could target an older public with surplus income.

Few people read promotional mailers when these were commonplace. However, we are constantly faced with electronic content in the digital age of today. As a result, people value the effort that goes into a printed mailer.

ODM have an extensive background in design and production. Get in touch today to learn how we can optimise your promotional mailer!


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