If you’ve been looking for a great promotional merchandise for your marketing campaign, then this may be the perfect answer – a flat pack desk tidy. This item comes as a 2D flat package, which can be easily assembled into a 3D desk tidy. This promotional product would work perfectly as a gift with purchase or as a giveaway at an event. The flat shape of this marketing gift also makes it incredibly easy to ship to your customers.

Why does the flat pack desk tidy make a great marketing tool?

Items designed specifically for the office have always been popular, as the flat pack desk tidy shows.

Great Promotional Idea - Flat Pack Desk Tidy

Great Promotional Idea – Flat Pack Desk Tidy

You can play around with different materials for the flat pack desk tidy, in order to see which would best suit the style of your company. Are you looking for natural materials to support Eco-friendly marketing? Then you can consider the wooden desk tidy. Wood can be varnished or lacquered, as well having the option to make it look rough and rustic. For those looking to run a cheaper marketing campaign, you can consider the EVA foam as the main material, which makes both the product and its price very “light”.

To raise your brand recognition you can customize the flat pack desk tidy with your logo – which is especially great for this product as it has a large outer surface. The product can have a full color printing on it, which will help you to fully integrate it into your marketing campaign. We can also design and print out brochures explaining more about the product and your marketing campaign, to send the message to your target audience. The brochure would really complement the flat pack desk tidy, and make it the perfect mass mailer.

Take a moment off from your busy schedule and assemble the flat pack desk tidy yourself. It is fun, easy and you’re rewarded with an incredibly handy item, which can be used every day to organize your desk top space. We have a similar product in our office – the wooden map box. As with the flat pack desk tidy, it also comes in a flat pack form. Check out the video below to get an idea how it can be assembled from a 2D flat pack design to 3D promotional gift.

Our creative design team Mindsparkz would be happy to assist you on the design or product development. Should you wish to get a quotation for this product, please contact us here.