As we have seen in the past with flat pack desk tidies, these items come as a 2D flat package, which can be easily assembled into 3D desk tidies. However these desk tidies do not need to come in only one shape, behold the next perfect gift for freight merchandise, the Custom Desk Tidy!

Freight Merchandise: Custom Desk Tidy

Freight Merchandise: Custom Desk Tidy

This product works by piecing the individual slides together (like a puzzle!) and then using elastic bands to hold these in place. This allows the structure, the rigidity to hold desk items together while also being easily transported in it’s flat pack form.

In the same vein as previous desk tidies, this promotional product would work perfectly as a gift with purchase or as a giveaway at an event. The flat shape of this marketing gift also makes it incredibly easy to ship to your customers. Most importantly for freight companies though, is it’s sheer high degree of customization that can be undertaken. Case in point is the image above, we can see 2 different designs: School bus and Ambulance, however there would be no issue with customizing the design to a ship or truck.

Freight Merchandise: Custom Desk Tidy

To increase brand awareness when offering this a promotional product, why not place your logo on it. The branding area and potential for such a product is huge, with it’s large surface area. The product can have a full color printing on it, which will help you to fully integrate it into your marketing campaign.

Let’s not forget that this product will be sitting squarely in line of sight for your clientele and if you offer this as part of your marketing campaign, why not add brochures explaining more about the product and your campaign, to send the message to your target audience. The brochure would really complement the custom desk tidy, and make it the perfect mass mailer.

Our creative design team Mindsparkz would be happy to assist you on the design or product development. Should you wish to get a quotation for this product(ODM-812), please contact us here.

Check out the video below to get an idea how a custom desk tidy can be assembled from a 2D flat pack design to 3D promotional gift.