Hong Kong’s leading consumer electronics and appliances retail brand Fortress is currently conducting a huge gift with purchase campaign in collaboration with world-famous comic character Snoopy.

Upon purchase of designated products, you are eligible to get free branded Snoopy gifts, such as:

  • for the purchase of HKD$500-HKD$3000 – luggage tag, flip-flops, and transparent cosmetic bag, perfect for transferring liquids when travel;
  • for the purchase of HKD$3001-HKD$6000 – hand carry strap, travel organiser and toiletry pouch;
  • for the purchase of more than HKD$6001 – thermos mug, luggage cover and branded suitcase;
  • and a special offer – purchase with purchase of more than HKD$99 – a discount on Snoopy travel blanket.
Case Study: Huge Snoopy Gift With Purchase Campaign

Case Study: Huge Snoopy Gift With Purchase Campaign

Snoopy is the wildly imaginative and supremely confident beagle, Charlie Brown’s pet, from the comic strip Peanuts created by Charles M. Schulz. He is called to be one of the best known and best-loved cartoons in history, and certainly one of the most iconic pets around – this is why this promotional campaign is bound to succeed.

Fortress is Hong Kong’s leading consumer electronics and appliances retail brand, that appeal to all ages and income groups. Specific examples of electronic brands include Canon, LG, Nikon, Panasonic, Toshiba, etc. At Hong Kong International Airport, the stores perfectly convey the core brand image which is so well established among local consumers. Fortress at HKIA always offers the products, which perfectly match travelers unique needs.

Why is Fortress Snoopy Gift With Purchase Campaign effective?

  1. Popular character – due to high popularity of Snoopy, lots of consumers will be interested in buying more to receive a lovely gift.
  2. Right items in the right place – all the gifts offered by Fortress in Hong Kong airport, are more or less connected with travelling, which means the travelers will be more than happy to receive useful items.
  3. Adding extra value and creating brand loyalty – the marketing gifts always give the consumers additional reason to purchase from you, and moreover, they will remember your brand and will associate it in a positive manner.

See more examples and case studies at our special gift with purchase. If you are interested in any type of promotional products, don’t hesitate to contact the ODM Group sales team.