Fosters is currently offering a promotional belt buckle.  When customers buy three cans, they get a “free belt buckle”.  The campaign is limited to the United States of America and has been running for 6 months.

Promotional Belt Buckle GWP beer industry

This looks like a standard campaign on the face of it. However once you turn to the terms and conditions you could be disappointed with this promotion.    This is not quite a Gift with Purchase Promo – it is actually a relatively poor value Purchase with Purchase Promo since the brand is charging a high amount for shipping to absorb the cost of the gift.  In the terms and conditions it clearly states:

“To redeem your Foster’s Belt Buckle (approximate retail value: $2.35)…send three (3) Foster’s Lager oil can tabs (blue tabs only) along with a $3.60 check or money order…”

If you would like to promote your business with promotional products, then you must follow this Golden Rule:

  • Give products where the stated/perceived value of the gift is much higher than the Redemption cost.

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