Planning an important corporate event with awards for the outstanding projects and successful performance to the best employees? Or simply want to have a unique and high-end gift? A Customised 3D Glass Cube is the best option for you.

3D Laser engraving technology is used to engrave a three dimensional image within any crystal cube or glass. The finished result is a unique and elegant looking product that can be used as a gift, promotional material, trophy, sports merchandise award or any other special occasion ideas.

Business Idea for Memorable Event: Customised 3D Glass Cube

Business Idea for Memorable Event: Customised 3D Glass Cube

Customised 3D Glass Cube Engraving Process:

  • Artwork entered in the control computer is laser etched within a crystal without any surface modification.
  • Advanced laser engraving machine as well as a special type of crystal are used in conjunction to create 3D images.
  • The entire process takes anywhere from several minutes up to an hour depending on the size and complexity of 3D images being engraved.
  • Engraving speed reach 4000 dots per second, save 50% of engraving time, small cube size to large plate size.
  • Crystal glass can be supplied in different shapes and dimensions in excellent quality including a gift box.
Business Idea for Memorable Event: Customised 3D Glass Cube

Business Idea for Memorable Event: Customised 3D Glass Cube

Benefits of using customised 3D Glass Cube as a corporate gift:

  1. Presentable and heavyweight – this solid optical glass cube makes an ideal memorable award for any achievement.
  2. Multifunctional – can also be created as a present to the key customers, which can be offered in sophisticated gift packaging.
  3. Perfect for message and brand placement – your company’s name can be engraved on the special pedestal, and laser photo crystals can also contain text, a poem, or special date or message.
  4. Does well for any industry – sports merchandise, media industry, public relations, food promotions, tourism and hotels marketing. Especially interesting for logistics and freight industry promotions: imagine the 7×5 cm 3D model of a shipping dock, container, warehouse, or plane, with all the intricacies engraved with a laser.
  5. Increasing brand reputation – a really unique award will attract more attention to your company, by highlighting your achievements and excellent performance, therefore providing respect and greater awareness of the brand.
Business Idea for Memorable Event: Customised 3D Glass Cube

Business Idea for Memorable Event: Customised 3D Glass Cube

Also a brilliant idea for In Store Display: if made of 60×30 cm size, the glass cube with laser engraving will be a perfect decoration for your shop window.

ODM Group staff believes that every company should be looking into including awards merchandise into their marketing campaign. This can definitely help your team and any third party to acknowledge your rewards as well as to inspire your workforce to work harder in the upcoming quarter. A 3d glass cube trophy will be the first choice to represent this amazing moment for any brand.

Interested in how this product was produced by us? We have a great blog on this as a corporate gift.

Feel free to contact the ODM Group to learn more about promotional glass cubes. We have years of experience with sourcing promotional products for companies all over the world.

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