Annually, the world uses more than 900 million printer ink cartridges. To put that into perspective, that is enough printer ink to print 39 million A4-sized photos, or to fill up 4.5 Olympic-sized pools. And petroleum-based inks form the majority of printer inks used. Therefore, for your business to be more environmentally-friendly, it is time for you to focus on manufacturing eco-friendly ink!


What are the Benefits of Manufacturing Eco-Friendly Ink?

Petroleum-based printer ink is the most common form of printer ink. However, petroleum-based ink is not environmentally-friendly as it contains Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). VOC are compounds of carbon which participates in atmospheric photochemical reactions. This means that these compounds evaporate on normal air temperature and contributes to global warming.

Vegetable-based ink is the most common form of eco-friendly printer ink. Firstly, vegetable-based ink is much more eco-friendly than petroleum-based ink because, vegetables are a renewable resource. Furthermore, vegetable-based printer inks are VOC-free which eliminates the release of greenhouse gases. Additionally, they can be cleaned from machines with less water and solvent compared to petroleum-based ink. Thus, manufacturing eco-friendly ink is much more environmentally friendly than conventional printer inks.

Manufacturing Eco-Friendly Ink : What It Means for Your Company

Manufacturing Eco-Friendly Ink : What It Means for Your Company

Why Should Your Business use Eco-Friendly Printer Ink?

  • Reduce Costs: As previously mentioned, cleaning vegetable-based inks requires less water and solvent compared to petroleum-based inks. Therefore, your business will incur fewer expenses when using vegetable-based inks.
  • Improve Overall Health: VOC can be harmful to indoor air quality and health as they can react with other gases and form air pollutants. Therefore, it will benefit people’s health when your business switches to VOC-free, vegetable-based printer ink.
  • Attracts New Customers: By switching to an eco-friendly printer ink, you will attract more customers who are environmentally-conscious. Thus, widening your consumer base. China and Vietnam printing suppliers may want to try this out to gain the trust of clients pushing for green marketing.


To conclude, it will be beneficial for your business to use eco-friendly printer ink cartridges. As not only will it help you to reduce overall operating costs but will also help your business to attract more environmentally-conscious customers, widening your customer base. This will lead to a boost in sales!

Aside from eco-friendly printer ink, you can also turn your business green with Bio-PET Packaging, sugar cane packaging or corn starch packaging for your brand packaging design! Speak with our merchandisers and designers at Mindsparkz to learn more about our design and manufacturing services.

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