Businesses use pigments for most products. Almost every day, we will come across products that are coated with pigments. Common products can range from the plastic bottles that we drink from to the dashboard of our cars. Although organic and inorganic pigments are widely used, businesses prefer the later due to its low costs. However, they can be an environmental-hazard. Therefore, for your business to be environmentally-conscious, now is the time for you to start manufacturing organic pigment.

Whatever your printing methods may be, using this type of pigment could tremendously help the environment whilst getting your brand message across!

What are the Benefits of Manufacturing Organic Pigment?

Organic pigments refer to coloured materials that are made of organic compound with pigment properties. The most common types of organic pigments are azo pigments, lake pigments, quinacridone pigments and phthalocyanine pigments. Although the properties of organic pigments are largely similar to inorganic pigments, the one major benefit of using organic pigments is the absence of heavy metal compounds.
The most common metal compound in inorganic pigments is lead. Lead compounds are dangerous as poisoning can occur when people inhale the pigments. Lead pigments can cause anaemia, peripheral nerve damage, gastrointestinal problems, kidney damage and reproductive system damage. There are also other metal compounds that is toxic such as cobalt, cadmium and manganese.

Go Green by Manufacturing Organic Pigment

Go Green by Manufacturing Organic Pigment

Why Should Your Business use Organic Pigment?

Improve Overall Health: By switching to organic pigments, you will no longer expose your customers and employees to the toxic compounds found in inorganic pigments.
Attract New Customers: By switching to organic pigments, your business will attract more customers, who are environmentally conscious. This will lead to a wider customer base. Vietnam printing suppliers might also find this eco-friendly option a great way to connect with their clients who lean towards green marketing
Boost Sales: With an increased customer satisfaction and wider customer base, switching to organic pigments will positively impact your sales! This pigment would be ideal for tarpaulin printing and silk-screen printing of promotional products!


To conclude, it will be profitable for your business to use organic pigments as it will not only improve overall health but also attract new customers, resulting in a boost in sales.

Aside from organic pigments, there are many other ways for you to turn your business green. Some of the examples are Bamboo-based packaging, corn starch packaging for your promotional product idea. You can also produce eco-friendly products such as custom eco-friendly bags.

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