Advertising Idea: 4 Reasons to Choose Tarpaulin Printing

Looking for simple yet effective marketing and advertising ideas? Nothing beats traditional media! Advertising through tarpaulin printing still remains the most convenient and effective way to promote your business.

Here are a few snaps of how big brands advertise their promotions in the Philippines.  We would love to hear from you and see which one you find most appealing.


Big and small enterprise alike use billboards and banners because it offers a lot of benefits. Below are the advantages of using tarpaulin printing for marketing and advertising:

Why A Tarpaulin Is The Way To Go

  • Cost-Effective: Tarpaulins come at various sizes and price. It’s cheaper compared to TV advertising and LED billboard so it’s great for a small-scale business venture. Cost-effective and durable, you’ll be able to save more! In this example, Caltex welcomes customers with a large tarpaulin promoting their free tumblers. No one will miss this extra-large tarpaulin on the road! They didn’t have to spend more on LED displays to attract clients.

  • Wide Audience Reach: Some areas do not have access to the internet and some are too far from town. Marketing with tarpaulins can reach places where other media can’t. The below example shows a drinks advert posted at a small retail store. With the use of tarpaulin adverts, the company was able to promote their business in small communities and rural areas.


  • Easily Recognizable: Full-color print tarpaulin advertisements can easily grab the attention of customers. In the example below, we can see that the colourful advert is recognizable even from a distance. The text stands out and is readable. Visually appealing, it motivates people to eat at Jollibee to get a free umbrella!

  • Flexible: Tarpaulin printing is weather-proof and durable, thus, it’s great for outdoor advertising. It can last for months, even for years. It is also perfect for indoor marketing as well as trade shows.


Indeed, tarpaulin printing is as effective as other promotional and advertising media. It’s straight forward and low maintenance. This can help you raise awareness about your brand faster and for a cheaper cost.  As a brand manager, be careful to put dates on your promotions though.  These adverts tend to stick around.

If you’re looking for fresh promo ideas, feel free to contact us. We design, source, and manufacture promotional products and gift items.  Let’s work together to find the best marketing idea that complements your business needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

How long does it take to print a tarpaulin banner?

It can be done quickly, within 1 to 3 working days.

Where are tarpaulin banners popular in?

It is usually found in lesser developed or rural areas where technology and media are not as advanced. They are also found in areas with high human traffic.

How can I make a tarpaulin banner interesting?

It should be colourful and have good graphics. Words should be clear and readable. Sentences should short and simple for readers to understand.

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