Instead of putting signboards up to prevent unwary patrons from knocking their head against low ceilings, why not use an inflatable advertising pillows?

Most people do not take much notice of the warnings, but make these oversized and convey your message in a stronger manner.  These can also be used around areas where cars can scratch paintwork.


Some suggestions for using these Promotional Bumpers for advertising:

  • Nightclubs and Bars in Basements – advert for drinks.
  • Construction companies around building work.
  • Insurance companies to all clients to promote safety.
  • Petrol/ Gas stations to prevent car scratching paint.
  • Parking garages as above.
  • Skateboard arenas etc.. for sports people
  • Readers, what other ones are we missing?

Another option is to use Custom foam like our Hantastic in interesting shapes like mascots instead of inflatables.