Take a look at the following innovative advertisement on Plastic Shopping Bags, all of which convey messages! This could be one of the small investments that bring about free advertisement!

Advertising Shopping Bag - Carlsberg Shumensko Beer Crate Bag

Doesn’t it look realistic? This crate of Shumensko beer is brought to you by Carlsberg.

Advertising Shopping Bag - Stop Nail Biting

Nail biting is a common oral compulsive habit. Some people bite their nails when they are stressed, excited or even in times of boredom. Either ways, nail biting is still a bad habit and could be prevented with Stop and Grow, Stop Nail Biting Cream… (As shown on picture above)

Isn’t it worthwhile to include branding on the Plastic Shopping Bags for your company? ODM couldn’t emphasize the importance of advertising, branding and marketing! Those convincing advertising shopping bags are definitely attractive to capture the eyes of your audiences…

Start brainstorming about creative promotional campaigns for the upcoming summer season to win over your consumers! Please feel free to contact ODM for further inquiries…

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