Kraft Food is currently offering these custom pinatas in France through its biscuit brand LU. After proposing stickers and magnets is our previous post: Promotional Products France – LU Biscuits GWP, they decided to offer these Mexican “Piñatas” with every Pepito’s pack.

Custom Pinata GWP by Pepito

Custom Pinata GWP by Pépito

This amazing promo gift is filled with toys and/or candy before being broken as part of a ceremony or celebration. It is a very typical product in Mexico!

Are custom pinatas a good promo gift for Pepito?

The fact of using it as a promo gift is a very original idea and it’s perfectly linked to their Mexican brand name and mascot. Plus, a Piñata is supposed to be filled, and Pepito sells a large range of candies and biscuits. ODM can easily imagine using these promotional merchandise to indirectly drive sales. We really think that pinatas could be a very cool marketing tool especially during Easter holidays due to many buying of chocolate candies and biscuits in France.

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