Road signs are placed throughout the world to regulate traffic and prevent accidents. This is made possible through consistent set of rules backed up by signboards with the following characteristics:

  • Attract the attention
  • Convey simple, yet direct messages
  • Recognized by all

Those are exactly the attributes sought after by companies seeking to promote their brands / products. Why not use promotional mini road signs as an alternative for your next Promotional Campaign?

Easily customizable, these Mini signs are able to communicate a wide range of messages, depending on your need or wants.

Stop, Danger, Give Way are some examples of signboards that can be diverted from their primary purpose.

One could also think of speeding signs as an alternative to the ususal “50% off on merchandise”.   As mentioned earlier, the possibilities are endless.   Additionally, such promotional materials will be noticed by your audience regardless of its location. You will thus be able to reuse them anywhere.

ODM remains at your disposal for any ideas or request you may have and would be more than happy to accompany you in your next “Road Sign” promotional campaign.

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