Miniature Cricket Set - Promo Toy

The ICC World Cup is now fast approaching and should attract millions of viewers across the globe.   We have already shipped many promotional products for this Cricket event. Soon it will be too late late to launch any new promotional product for tie ins with the competition.

During the last Hong Kong Toy show, we visited a large number of booths in order to find last minute creative new ways to promote products and brands during this great sport event.

Both these sets manufactured in Pakistan for fast delivery.  Buying stock products outside of China is important due to timing of the run up to World Cup coinciding with Chinese New Year.

Usually very heavy, cricket bats are destined to be used by adults only and smaller children can hardly play with them.   These Mini Sets, with cricket bats less than 40 cms tall, are great for kids and also for corporate gift tie ins.

Intended specifically for children, the mini cricket set is an ideal toy. It can easily be customized with a logo printing on the bat and would be the perfect gift during a major cricket event such as the world cup.

Do not hesitate to contact ODM for last minute inquiries as we truly cherish challenges. We remain at your disposal for any questions or comments you may have.

Enjoy the cricket and other upcoming sports events.