Promotional mini fan

Mini-fans can serve as great custom promotional products for your campaigns.  Today we talk about battery operated models for summer promotions offering…

  • Utility of cooling consumers off with the wind generated from its mini blades.
  • Visibility for the company giving these away as an advertising gift.

This makes fans an excellent choice as an on pack gift or for Outdoor event giveaways. In terms of Marketing, the mini-fan can easily be customized to suit your needs. Use your desired logo on the casing to advertise to consumers or choose to customize the casing completely.

Promotional mini fan

See how battery brand Duracell is offering an in pack gift of a free mini-fan with purchases of their 18pc pack of AA batteries in Hong Kong.

This promotion compliments Duracell batteries well as it encourages increased usage of the batteries in addition to its utility.  It encourages faster consumption, thereby increasing sales.

Advertising is conducted through the printing of the company logo, reminding consumers to choose Duracell as their battery.   Overall solid use of the mini- fan for promotion.s

A recommendation for Duracell is to use LED messages on their mini-fan promo as well.You can even customize your mini fan to display short messages when used for that cheeky promotion.

Light message fan

For those who want a more conventional look, the pen fan remains on option….

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