Companies may want to consider the power of DIY (Do It Yourself) promotional products to boost sales. Due to the nature of the DIY industry, promotional gifts which give the most utility are highly prized.

This trend was put to good use by Heineken & Pieroth where they used Swiss Army knives for Hong Kong Promotions..

Mini screwdriver tool set

The mini screw driver tool set is a great promotional tool, allowing consumers to experience the benefits of the screw driver on the go. The screw head is fully customizable, with up to 5 screw sizes and these are designed to be stored conveniently inside the flip case. It provides great utility for consumers as it is handy enough to be carried on thee go.  It also saves up the space that 5 different screwdrivers would take.

It is also simple for understanding and operation to make DIY accessible to all.. The casing can can house a logo of the company giving the product. Why not bundle the item together as a gift with purchase to give consumers an incentive to purchase your products.

Hammer tool set

The hammer tool set provides extra utility for consumers by providing a multitude of tools typical of a swiss knife with the added benefit of a hammer – making it an extremely handy tool for D.I.Y enthusiasts or even for outdoor enthusiasts such as camper due to the multi-functional nature of the product.

A great product as it induces impulse buying; resulting in increased sales due to bundling of products.

These are some examples of how the D.I.Y industry becomes more competitive & promotional products may be a great way to differentiate your offering from others to gain the benefit of increased sales.

There are many other tools available to target Sports / DIY / Camping / Auto / Bikes and many more hobbies.   Target your next promotional campaign according to customer demographic.