Promotional Cocktail Sets

Cocktails are mixed drinks, one ingredient being alcohol – these are ever popular drinks in bars and parties and these have strong thematic connotations including…. Exotic / Holiday / Celebrations / Parties / Experimentation / Mixing.

Cocktail sets are a handy tool for aspiring mixers, bar tenders, and drinks reps to bring on the go to parties to show off their skills and be the center of attention.   Such a set will also make for an excellent GWP drinks promo.

ODM feel this product is a great way for companies to promote themselves in corporate and promotional events or to promote as a gift with purchase for promotions. The typical cocktail set consists of a shaker, drink stirrer, measure, tongs, strainer & carrying case. More complex sets can have many other items like lighter to make flaming drinks or even an atomiser like Tanqueray.

Depending on your budget you can adapt the set to have limited components and varied packaging – some companies like Bear Hug will just give away a plastic mixer as an on pack with duty free.  Same thing goes for BBQ sets being modular.

The set can be housed in a variety of ways from wooden boxes to leather bags, the cocktail set allows for different levels of sophistication to be conveyed to the recipients. A cocktail set is also of great attraction to the younger recipients due to the cool stylized reputation of drink mixers in society, making it a great incentive product to encourage consumers to endorse services of products rendered. In addition product or company logos may also be etched onto the shaker or the box/bag to give advertising and marketing value for firms who may wish to pursue using a cocktail set as a promotional product.