Thinking of what to offer your clients as an on-pack-gift or gift-with-purchase? Create some excitement in the way you communicate! These invisible ink pens as promotional gifts will create bring fun to the work place with employers or could be the perfect promotional product for children and teenagers. The custom pens are available in a range of colours and can be customised to display your brand logo or design. The light used to expose the hidden writing can also be varied in shades to represent your company’s colours.

Invisible Ink Pens as Promotional Gifts

Invisible Ink Pens as Promotional Gifts

Invisible Ink Pens as Promotional Gifts

These pens work just like a normal pen, but use invisible ink. After writing your message, just flash the UV LED installed in the cover of the pen your secret message will be revealed.

ODM frequently sell these with 2 in a pack or customers will be limited to writing invisible messages only to themselves. Otherwise, you may consider having each pen packed individually which means that customers will have to buy more so they can communicate with each other by writing back and forth. Branding may be made with full printing on the pens.  Clients can also have a printed and branded blister card for the invisible pens. Packaging can easily be customised and could also encompass pencil cases, memo pads and many more.

Invisible Ink Pens as Promotional Gifts

Invisible Ink Pens as Promotional Gifts

Benefits of Invisible Ink Pens as Promotional gifts:

  • Super durable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Customised logos and designs
  • Great way to promote brand
  • Increase brand reputation
  • High demand for pens


To Sum Up…

What designs would you pick for the invisible pen? what colour LED UV light will suit your brand? Looking for something fun and interesting for your upcoming event or project? Feel free to contact us for brainstorming in order to offer your customers something new and creative! The product code for this item is 2755. Refer to this four digit number when contacting our offices in China or Vietnam. If you need some inspiration, our design team Mindsparkz can help create some innovative designs.

Another similar idea to invisible ink pens as promotional gifts is a “Spy Pen” where the pen is branded as a fun toy for children. This could work well for promoting films or tie in with other teaser promotions.

Invisible Ink Pens as Promotional Gifts


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