In Israel one of the big supermarket chains is having an interesting gift with purchase promotion for batteries.  For this promo US$ 4.71 (Israeli Shekel-ILS17.99)  buys you 6pcs of AA batteries with a free Super glue.   This is an effective way to increase sales and differentiate from the competition since both items are complimentary and common for use when fixing up the house.  For this promotion there was no special customising for the  country so all packaging is in English.  Local agent just adding a small sticker on the back  advising the importers address and expiry date.

The battery’s brand GP has their headquarters is in Hong Kong.   Most of the HK based promotions for batteries focus on lighting products or fans – quite intelligent brainstorming really as these are items which drain batteries in some way therefore encouraging repeat purchase.

Given the uniform packaging we can assume that glue will also be featuring as a promo in new markets soon.   This goes to show that it is easy for brands to roll out similar promotions in different countries with minimum fuss.   All items can be assembled centrally and shipped out to different countries with minimal reconditioning.    Central quality control platform and consolidation of orders to all the different countries can be easily arranged from central warehousing in China.