Jessicar, a Hong Kong monthly magazine, focuses on the theme of sports cars for this winter issue.   Their in-pack promotion is a collectible toy car given away with every purchase of their magazine at HKD$20 (USD$2.58).

The mini die cast car measures at 6cm X 2.5cm X 4cm, with a cache at the bottom of each display set that allows the collectible to be easily removed.

This promotion encourages repeat purchase each month by incorporating 24 different designs, each in a clear window with base which can be joined together to form a display set.

ODM makes a wide variety of die cast cars and trucks.   Whilst the mould cost for each new design can be expensive, there are many models already on the market and changing the colours of printing and packaging can really deliver a unique promo as with this purchase with purchase promo for Heineken.

Collectibles of this sort can really help spread out the marketing budget for 2010.