ELLE Magazine is retailing at newsstands around China for RMB20 (USD$2.91) – Collaborating with SKII cosmetics for this promo, they are giving away a Calendar as their promotional gift. Similar to a binded notebook, this calendar gives the 2 brands, ELLE and SKII sufficient logo space on both sides of the cover.

Details on this merchandise;

  • Monthly calendar featuring SKII celebrity endorsement pictures with details of its products
  • Hard cover on the front and the back
  • Full color printing in every page of the calendar
  • Available in red colour – For chinese, it represents good luck
  • Velcro attached to back of product -Hold it like a handle / Hang on the wall

Calendars have always been a practical and common year-end promotional product.  We recently mentioned a beer company doing similar in-pack beer promotion.  For this reason, if you do give away a calendar it should be with nice design and photos in order to really stand out from the crowd.   A good idea for calendars is to also list holidays in other major countries so clients can keep up to date with what their overseas contacts and friends are doing.