Seen at supermarkets in Hong Kong, purchase 2 boxes of Darlie toothpaste and get an Astro Boy ceramic mug with cover as a gift. With 3 various designs to choose from, it encourages customers to collect them all.

A practical promotion as this mug can be used while brushing your teeth – One point to note is that Darlie’s logo is not imprinted on the product, allowing customers to easily forget where they got the mug from.   A variation on this promo could be to co-brand and put the Darlie logo on base or other area.

Packaging details:

  • Blister packing of the mug – To ensure the mug does not break easily when carried around
  • All items are placed in a box with a clear window display- Show customers how the merchandise looks
  • Handle provided- For convenience.

This promotional mug looks back at the Astro Boy movie which came out on cinemas in HK in October 2009.   The HK Toy & HK licensing shows next week will showcase all the key upcoming movie properties for next year and will be a key indicator of where 2010 marketing budget will be spent.

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