Packaging contributes significantly to the perceived value of a product. Blister packaging development can really add value to your promotional products campaigns. It is already widely used for consumer goods as a clean and neat display.   This kind of plastic packaging seals the product either in between a cardboard and a plastic, or between two plastic materials.

Blister Packaging Development

Blister Packaging Development

Here are some advantages of blister packing:

  1. Prevents small items, such as electronic products, from being opened and tampered with.
  2. Provides a barrier protection for shelf life requirements
  3. Allow a product to be highly visible- Leading to more point of sales impulse purchase
  4. Low packaging cost compared to other retail solutions
  5. Cardboard packaging to contain instructions and graphics

Types of blister packaging development:

1. Carded Packaging– Goods such as toys, hardware, batteries, and electrical items are secured between a cardboard and a clear plastic. Application of heat and pressure is applied to activate an adhesive on the blister card.

With a see-through packing, not only can the consumer easily examine the product, the adhesive on the blister card is strong enough to hang the product on a peg for display on shelves or clip strips. However, this kind of packaging can be easily opened.

2. Clamshell Packaging–  Consisting of either two pre-formed plastic sheets or one sheet folded over onto itself and fused at the edges. As compared to carded packaging, clamshell packaging can not be easily opened.

ODM can develop other forms of packaging in plastics such as PVC Box, Window Box, Poly Bag etc.   Depending on the product and the target audience great care needs to be taken in choosing solutions to present and protect the product well.

Our Mindsparkz team of designers can work with you on Blister Packaging Development, ensuring that you have a strong visual to accompany your gift.

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