With so many beautiful products on the shelf, it can be difficult to really make a mark. One of the first things that shoppers notice is your product packaging. Attractive packaging can easily get people’s attention from the moment they enter the store. As such, in order for your products to become easily noticeable, you need to have a custom branded product packaging designed exclusively for your company. Let us take a look at this example by Gianna Tea.

Custom Branded Product Packaging

Custom Branded Product Packaging

Their tea variants are showcased in nicely-designed custom tin packaging. Each box is tightly sealed and has sticker labels to help customers identify what tea is inside the tin box. There are also display samples in small plastic jars. These samples allow customers to smell the aroma of each tea variant. This way, they gain first-hand experience of the products, thereby helping them make smart buying decisions.

Your packaging is as important as your products. They not only serve as a means to attract customers, but they also protect your products from dust and contaminants.


What Sets Gianna’s Custom Branded Product Packaging for Tea Apart from Competitors?

  • Durable: Made from tin, these custom branded product packaging are truly tough and durable. The durability of the packaging offers protective support and keeps products in good condition.
  • Nicely Branded: One can see that the body and the cover of each merchandise packaging is branded. We love the Chinese visuals printed on the containers as they give off an authentic Chinese vibe. Customers who are looking for fine Chinese tea would surely choose this one over competitors.
  • Reflects Culture: The colors and visuals used reflect the Chinese culture perfectly. Not only does this pique the interest of the Chinese market, but it also gets the attention of foreigners travelling the country. When they take the product outside of the country, other people will instantly recognize this imported item. Those who love Chinese tea and everything Chinese will surely love the packaging as much as the product itself.
  • Reusable: Once the contents have been consumed, the tea packaging can be reused or repurposed. Customers can use them to store trinkets at home such as keys, bills, small toys, and even loose change. As such, the packaging extends brand exposure at home. This means the more the product packaging is used, the more the brand name stays on top of your customer’s mind.


How about you? Do you need a custom branded product packaging for your business? While there are simple pre-made designs you can order online, it is still better to have custom retail packaging exclusively made for your company. Here’s why:


X Reasons to Have Custom Branded Product Packaging

  1. Custom Design – You can decide what materials to use or designs to be printed on the packaging. You can customize them according to your branding requirements. The colors can also be made to match your brand colors.
  2. Brand Visibility – The more attractive your packaging is, the more you will be able to pull in customers. With an eye-catching custom branded product packaging, you will surely stand out from the standard retail shelf.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal – With so many similar products on the shelf, it can be difficult for customers to make a quick buying decision. Aside from price, shoppers also compare the packaging and base their decisions on the attractiveness of the cover. Products that made strong visual impact are likely to be picked up by shoppers.
  4. Brand Message – As a marketing manager, you want your customers to understand your message right from the get-go. Your packaging can be a great way to express your brand message in a simple yet visually pleasing manner. As people are visual creatures, you can expect your customers to catch your message right away.
  5. Boost Sales – Most shoppers base their buying decisions on the appearance of your packaging. People equate reliability and quality with pretty covers. Thus, products with better packaging get more attention and conversion.
  6. Connect With Customers – Your packaging allow you to connect with your customers in an emotional level. If you notice, there are products that evoke a certain kind of emotional response from us, consumers. In our example the traditional Chinese home with willow trees around give off a calming and cozy feeling. The design on the tin can connects with consumers in a deeper level and prompts customers to purchase the products right away.


Our Key Takeaway…

If you want to boost your sales and inspire more people to choose your product than others, then consider having a custom branded product packaging designed for your brand. They allow you to get your message across in a pleasing and engaging manner. Your packaging also serves as the first point of contact with customers so it should be appealing and meaningful.

So if you are keen to custom design your branded packaging, then contact The ODM Group today. Our team can help you come up with high-quality and effective brand packaging designs. Aside from that, we can also help you source budget-friendly custom promotional merchandise and POS display units for your business.


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