Convention gifts are a surefire way to improve event turnouts. They serve as incentives and motivate attendees to spend time at your event. Hong Kong & Watch Clock Fair’s gift last year is a fine example of an effective convention giveaway idea. HKTDC gave away an elegant travel pouch bag (Juan Les Pins) as a token of gratitude to attendees.

The bag comes in dainty pink hue with simple yet modern prints. This promotional pouch bag can be redeemed by collecting stamps from 2 different counters.

Convention Gifts

Convention Gifts

HKTDC Trade Fairs provide great opportunity for business owners, suppliers, and manufacturers to showcase their innovative products with the world. One of their prestigious events is the Hong Kong & Watch Clock Fair, where key players in the watch and clock industry meet and discuss about current trends as well as challenges the industry is facing.

Convention Gifts

Convention Gifts

To show how much they value their visitors’ time and effort in attending their trade show, they offered a promotional event giveaway that visitors will surely love to use. It’s practical, durable, and long-lasting.


Why We Love this Travel Pouch Bag as Trade Show Giveaway?

Stylish: Women will surely love this pink Juan Les Pins pouch bag! It has a wrist strap which makes it easy to carry around. The simple, neat design suits the modern woman.

High-Utility: The pouch is not too big so it fits perfectly inside a standard size luggage or even inside a tote bag. Recipients can use it as a cosmetic pouch or carry it around during a casual day out. As a travel pouch, recipients can use it to keep personal items such as perfume, travel bottles containing liquid soap and shampoo and toothbrush. It is something attendees would be proud to carry around.

Convention Gifts

Convention Gifts

Motivates People: Nothing motivates people to buy a certain product or attend an event more than receiving beautiful and practical promotional gifts. The pouch bag served as one of the reasons attendees had a wonderful time during the exhibit.

Upholds Reputation: As a prestigious gathering of key players in the clock and watch industry, it is only fitting to offer high quality trade fair souvenirs to their visitors. The quality of the bag shows that they really thought about their audience. Therefore, the quality of promotional giveaways you offer can either improve or ruin your image.


Are you looking for trade show marketing ideas? Here are some cool ways to spice up your event.


Cool Event Ideas for a Successful Trade Fair Marketing

Make Visual Impact- In this blog, you will understand why video marketing is one of the best ways to make an impactful trade show presentation. This was taken at Cosmoprof Asia, one of the most prestigious convention of key players in the cosmetic supply chain industry. These two giant pills with computer screens playing informative video caught our attention as the design was well-thought out.


Offer Innovative and Attention-Grabbing Products- If you want to really stand out, offer innovative products that your competitors do not have. Here at ODM Group we love to keep track of what is new and trending in the promotional product industry. So here are some of our favorite merchandise from various trade fairs we have attended:


Offer Wearable Promotional Products – Promotional items such as T-shirts, accessories, and bags serve as your walking advertisements. As people wear your promotional gift, your brand gets daily exposure at no additional cost. Here’s a good example from Spikes Asia.


Make it Interactive – With so many interesting products during a trade show, impressing customers can be very challenging. Sustaining their interest is not that easy. Thus, your marketing strategy should be compelling and interactive like this promotion by Bulleit Whiskey. They had fun tasting games and exciting prizes that got attendees really excited. Check this blog out to know more about their interactive marketing:


Why ODM?

The ODM Group has years of experience in the promotional product industry and our designers and merchandisers stay up to date on latest product and design trends. We can help you have a successful trade show with high-quality innovative merchandise, custom promotional giveaways and POS displays. So contact our team today so we can get started with your next marketing campaign!


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