Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) frequently organises trade fairs for the promotional products industry to connect and share unique innovations with the world. Many of the trade fairs organised are ‘HK Gifts and Premium Fair’, ‘HK Wine Fair’, and so on. In this blog, we will list many of our blogs on the HKTDC Trade Fairs for you to gain more information about these events, as well as what to expect at these Fairs. We will show you some interesting promotional products that caught our attention.

Top 50 Blogs: HKTDC Trade Fairs


Here are the top 50 blogs on HKTDC Trade Fairs:

  1. It is no shocker to us that the HKTDC Trade Fairs are offering promotions to attract crowds and boost the number of visitors. We have included some promo giveaways that will be happening before and during this weekend! Find out more about why it is important for the HK Trade Fair to have a promotion as such! Find out more:


  1. The HKTCD organises Trade Fairs every year, and we made sure to attend to all of them to learn more about trending promotional products. It has been an eye-opening experience so far, and we are sure that you will also learn a thing or two! Although it varies every year, here are a few examples of some trade fair souvenirs you might receive:


  1. The HK Wine and Spirits Fair is extremely insightful for us. Today, the alcohol industry is coming up with many fun and interesting promotional product designs to boost its brand image and brand awareness. Therefore, it is crucial for us to visit these events to gain inspiration, so that we can provide our clients with the latest and most unique promotional product ideas. Here is a champagne bottle packaging that caught our eye – champagne bottle hat. Check it out to find out what we liked about it!


  1. The product that got our attention at a Canton Fair is a promotional wine stopper that can be used as a marketing gift all year round! This will definitely get the attention of wine lovers. In this blog, we included the benefits of giving away a promotional Wine Stopper and why we love it:


  1. The product packaging is crucial for every brand. A well-managed promotional product packaging can attract new customers, along with increasing brand recognition. However, bad packaging can turn customers off and lead to them purchasing from your competitors instead. Therefore, we think that it is important for brands to invest time, effort, and money into the packaging. Here is a box packaging that we saw and we immediately loved. Check out this blog to find out more:


  1. With the many great promotional ideas that we enjoy, there are bound to be some that we did not like. Even from those that we did not appreciate, we are still able to learn a thing or 2 – such as what to avoid when designing and manufacturing promotional products for our clients. Here are the top 3 worst products from Canton Fair:


  1. This blog concludes our visit to the HK Electronics Fair. In this report, we included our top 7 favourite promotional items that we absolutely love. On top of that, we also made sure to conclude the report and the entire trade show for you! Check out the blog below to find out more:


  1. This blog shows the promotional giveaway products by the HKTDC. Here are some great pictures and descriptions of each custom giveaway item. We love the low-cost and effective promotions at the Hong Kong Trade Show. We also made sure to include tips and tricks on how to make your trade show marketing effective! Do check it out:


  1. Another giveaway item offered by HKTDC is a thermal mug. We explained the purpose of this giveaway and why we think it is effective. We also touched on why companies and trade shows offer giveaways – the benefits sought. Do check out this blog to find out more:


  1. Our team stopped by both the Hong Kong Games & Toys Fair and the Hong Kong Licensing Show. We spotted some great sports promotional ideas that caught our attention. These promotional products ideas are great to incorporate, especially during sports seasons where fans will purchase promotional sports merchandise and boost sales. In this blog, we included a few examples of these fantastic sports promo gifts, and why we love them. Check it out:


  1. Social media-related gifts are extremely popular and we also mentioned them on the Marketing Gift Blog. They are gradually getting popular among brands. Here, we showed and explained some Facebook Like Gifts, and such items are make great trade show promotional gifts. Check this blog out to find out more:


  1. As one of the leading optical fairs in Asia, the Hong Kong Optical Fair is an effective platform with comprehensive product offerings. This is an interesting Fair for the eyewear industry. We provided insights about what to expect during the fair, as well as talk about the goodies you will receive as you enter. Check it out!


  1. Here are some interesting technological promotional product ideas that we discovered at the Megashow Part 1 organised by the HKTDC. In this blog, we included the new technological product ideas that we love, along with an explanation on how each product works; highlighting the various functions of these amazing innovations.


  1. HKTDC is always offering promo gift to its visitors, and we’re all for it! We explained why it is important to offer free custom promo gifts and how the trade show can benefit from these promo gifts. How can promotional gifts boost sales and increase brand awareness? Find out more:


  1. Yet another free gift offered by HKTDC for local trade buyers. How can offering gifts boost booth traffic and why do you need to brand the gifts you offer your consumers? This blog will answer these questions. Check it out:


  1. Afraid to lose your passport and other identity cards when you travel? Fret not with this giveaway offered at an HKTDC Trade Fair when you visit the Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair! Not only are promotional passport holders useful, but they also serve as a tangible reminder of your visitor’s pleasant trade fair experience.  Check out this blog to find out more:


  1. It is always mentioned on our blogs that useful giveaways are more effective than those fancy free promotional items that cannot be used by consumers.during this event, the organizers gave away a promotional pouch bag as token of attendance to their audience. Why should you also brand your giveaway? Read this blog to find out more!


  1. In this blog, we listed the 4 gifts that are offered at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair – one of the many HKTDC Trade Fair. We explained why these promotional products are very appropriate as a trade fair gift. We also think that these trade fair gifts are successful in boosting the crowd at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. Here is why:


  1. At the HKTDC Licensing Fair, Hallmark marketing products such as pouches and keyrings are offered upon obtaining your license. How may these items be used as marketing products? How can you benefit through such promotional campaigns? Find out more:


  1. These are no ordinary wine stoppers. We love these wine stoppers for many reasons – we will explain in this blog and how it can benefit your brand! Check it out:


  1. Wireless Mouse is extremely common right now. Therefore, it is important and crucial to stand out from competitors and gain a competitive edge – through design, functionality, etc. Here is why we enjoy this wireless mouse:


  1. Here is a video blog of our visit to the HK Electronics Fair Autumn Edition 2012. This is for you to better understand the Fair and have an insight into what goes on during the event. Check it out:


  1. During the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair, we found several watch packaging that caught our attention. We thought they were unique and innovative. We highlighted one design that we really love. Check this out!


  1. In the same Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair, we saw this unique and innovative product that helps the blind. This is very well thought out and we think that this will really impact lives. Find out more:


  1. This blog shows you the overview at the Hong Kong Watch and Clock Fair 2012. We also showcased the wonderful door gifts that we received when we were there. This was an eye-opening experience for us, and we believe it would have been for you too. Check it out:


  1. Bags are frequently offered by brands as promotional gifts. There are tons of bags during trade fairs since they are useful and practical items. Bags are among marketers’ favorite promotional items as they are versatile when it comes to design and functionality. Find out why we love these promotional bags at the HKTDC Food Expo.


  1. If you are a frequent traveller, this will be the perfect promotional gift for you. The benefits of this item are many. Not only will they help your customers travel comfortably, but they will also allow your brand to gain local and overseas exposure without having to spend huge amount of marketing budget. Find out more:


  1. Solar Panels are such a hit, especially since people are focused on eco-friendly and energy-saving gadgets. Here is a portable solar panel that is easy to use, and perfectly appeal to green activists. Check out this blog and find out why ODM loves this product!


  1. Here is one of the promotional giveaway items during one of the Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Fair. Visitors can redeem a leather name card holder, which will be useful for everyone present there since this Fair is all about exchanging name cards. Find out more about why we enjoyed this great quality name custom card holder:


  1. Our team attended the spring edition Hong Kong Electronics Fair where we learnt about multiple new features and mechanisms. This bladeless fan is one of those products that stood out. It has many great features, and can also greatly benefit the brand by boosting sales and increasing brand awareness. Check out this bladeless fan:


  1. Not every promotional gift has to be redeemed in real life, you can now redeem it using a smartphone app! This is fantastic since almost everybody uses a smartphone today. We love how this promotional campaign is well thought out, and successfully boost crowds at the Trade Show. Here is why:


  1. One of HKTDC’s previous promotional gifts is a sticky screen cleaner for phones. We think that this is a great promotional idea because everyone uses a smartphone today. Here is why we enjoyed the stick screen cleaner and we think that it will successfully allow brands to capture the attention of their consumers. Check it out:


  1. Promotional branded mugs are pretty popular among brands, and here is HKTDC’s take on it. Practical and nicely-branded, more people will be enticed to participate. Check it out:


  1. Here are somemarketing souvenirs offered by one of the many HKTDC Trade Fair – International Wine and Spirits Fair 2011. These are simple, yet impactful promotional products that you can also offer your customers. Check it out:


  1. The HK trade shows are where innovative and unique items are showcased. This show warmer definitely is something to remember. Here, we explained the features of this shoe warmer and its benefits. Find out more:


  1. How did the HK International Jewellery Show successfully attract potential buyers to the trade show? This blog will give you an idea how to set up a successful redemption of gifts promotion during a trade fair. Check out this blog to find out more:


  1. Most women are carrying a pocket mirror in their handbag to make sure that they look flawless throughout the day. Thus, incorporating ingenious features such as led lights would allow them to retouch their make up hassle-free. This would make sure that they can touch up even if the lighting is not perfect! Check it out:


  1. Remember fidget spinners? They were the top promotional products for 2017! Why are they such a hit and why do we enjoy it as much as the public has? Check out this blog to find out more:


  1. Finding the right trade show giveaway can be challenging. Especially when your target audience are overseas buyers, the trade show will have to consider a wide range of tastes and preferences, with culture being a major influential factor. Here is HKTDC’s take and it was very successful, check it out:


  1. At one of the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, Guy Laroche gave away these handbag hooks. We think that these are great for the ladies who carry a handbag wherever they go. Therefore, these complimentary handbag hooks are sure to attract their target audience. Check it out:


  1. What are the key tips to successfully organise a trade show? We have listed and explained 5 golden keys to success for you. We are sure that you can learn a thing or 2 here. Check out this blog to find out more:


  1. The Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Fair inspired us and we are full of new ideas for custom promotional gifts. This interesting on-pack gift idea that caught our attention is too good not to share! Find out why we enjoy this promotional product:


  1. The interesting promotional product ideas never seem to stop coming from these amazing trade shows! This is a brilliant idea and will definitely pull in more football fans to your brand. Do check this blog out:


  1. This saucepan-shaped clock definitely is the perfect kitchen display for Homes. Interesting and unique, it would definitely catch the attention of customers. This gives the brand a great advantage over its rivals. Find out more:


  1. 3D puzzles were one of the most popular promotional gift targeted at kids. Find out more about these customised 3D puzzles, and how they got our attention. This is perfect for you if you are trying to reach out to the younger audience. Check out this blog for more:


  1. How can we appeal to kids to eat more vegetables? We all know that vegetables are not the most appealing and appetizing for many, especially children. Check out this blog to find out how you can persuade the little ones to eat more veggies!


  1. Isn’t it wonderful to have a personal masseuse throughout the day? This is the perfect product for you! This portable massage chair got most of us excited. This is great for promoting your health and wellness business. Get your brand name on the cover to make it an interesting addition to your hotel marketing scheme. Check it out:


  1. Anything mysterious is for sure going to attract the attention of people. This jewelry clock caught our attention when we were at the Watch & Clock Trade Fair. Find out more:


  1. Sometimes we wonder, how do we make trash bins attractive? Well, here is the solution for you at the HKTDC Houseware Show! There are a few innovative ideas that you can consider to successfully attract your audience. Find out more:


  1. Simple gadgets like USB hubs can also be uniquely designed to wow audiences. Here are a few examples to make the appearance of USB hubs more interesting and fun to use. Check it out:


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