Looking for quirky products to promote your brand? The Hong Kong Electronics Fair might be the event for you!  Lots of different USB hub designs out there, some of which may catch your interest for your upcoming marketing campaigns. Alongside the versatility of a USB drives, USB hubs/ports can take on just as many varied shapes. Here are some witty adaptators in animal shapes.

Octopus USB Hub in various colours

The first of which we felt was interesting is this Octopus USB Hub. The purpose of this design is to make use of an octopus’s many tentacles as USB ports. This ingenious design is not only adorable but is surprisingly functional as well. Notice that it also includes a USB alongside its ports, giving it a dual functionality. This USB hub makes a quirky promotional gift in trade shows, or to your corporate clients.

This will not only portray your company’s unconventional promotion tactics in comparison to traditional typical USBs or USB ports, thus allowing you to stand out.

Cow USB Hub

Another interesting USB Hub would be this Cow/Bull design. The designer has taken minute details into account, making the extra effort to add horns and a ring piercing to the otherwise ordinary cow. The ring has another purpose for being there – this USB Hub can be conveniently attached to a keyring and can be brought around with ease. Often, it is small details like these which set apart the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Silk Screen your brand logo on the cow’s body for maximized visibility and exposure.

These USB hubs in animal forms could be a suitable promotional candidate for your brand, regardless of your field, given its user-friendly attribute. A CPU can only have so many USB ports, and a USB hub would always be a handy solution to irritating attempts to allocate the different USBs. Creative and appealing hubs like the ones here are all the more welcomed by the masses.