The Hong Kong Electronics Fair inspired us with some ideas for Halloween promos – the smart marketing managers are already planning their promotional campaigns in advance in order to secure stocks and have a stress free production – with Eco friendly delivery by sea.

Mini Pumpkin Speakers

Mini Pumpkin Speaker

Halloween is never complete without mischievous-looking pumpkins, and here is one idea to bring some of Halloween to the table – mini pumpkin speakers.

This could be a fun promotional product to do for the season. Being compatible with every device you could think of (MP3, MP4, Mobiles, MDA..), it consists of a built in rechargeable battery with 3.5MM AV input. It even features a Micro SD card input which is not seen in many recent speakers.

This mini speaker is portable, allowing your customers to enjoy music on the go, making it a very nice GWP or promotional product.   Your brand logo could be imprinted on the bottom of it so that it does not destroy the overall vibe of the speaker. Most importantly, the pumpkin speaker is the perfect complement to create a much needed spooky atmosphere since it covers both visual and sound effects. It is available in a variety of colours – red, orange, white, green, blue and black for every occasion.

Optical Ghost Mouse

Optical Ghost Mouse

This ghost mouse offers the basic technology you can find in a regular mouse. But one thing it does which other mouse do not is that it adds a touch of Halloween to your recipients’ desktop. With its unique yet functional appearance, it can be a very attractive promotional product for people always on the lookout for something unconventional or exotic. This particular product could be the perfect GWP for companies specializing in computers, tech-based products etc during Halloween season.

USB Skull Drive

Skull USB Drive

Tired of the typical USB drives? At the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, we were astounded by the versatility of a USB, the ever-changing shapes that it can adopt. We came across this USB Skull Drive, perfect for Halloween. Your company’s logo can be imprinted at the back of the skull, thus not compromising on visibility with its design.  The skull USB is definitely going to attract some form of attention with its rare design and thus increasing the exposure your company could get. It can be a very nice promotional gift to your customers or corporate clients in this season of trick or treat, value-adding your product/service at the same time.

Silicon Devil iPhone Case

Devil-Styled iPhone Case

At ODMasia, we understand the growing demand for iPhone and its accessories, especially iPhone cases. They not only make a suitable promotional product for any brand out there due to the iPhone craze, but they are also able to cater to the consumers’ wants. At the Electronics Fair, there were countless booths specializing in iPhone cases/storage and we were inspired to rope in the iPhone and turn it into a spooky gadget this Halloween. Enter the iPhone devil case.

Being a proven advertising agent, your logo could get prolonged exposure as usually the user would tend to continue using it even after Halloween, given its frolic design. Functional items always guarantee repeat usage, and all these promotional products with its unique outlook allows your brand to shine, even after Halloween is over.

Halloween has long been an annual tradition, a perfect occasion which offers plentiful of promotional opportunities for your corporate clients or customers. So why leave your company brand out when you can busk in the buzz of this festive season? ODM

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