Chinese lanterns have been used for centuries across China. They are still widely popular across Asia and have been increasingly used for decoration in North America and Europe. In China these lanterns are still used for the Lantern Festival, also known as Yuan Xiao Festival.  Lots of Solar powered Chinese Lanterns were evident at the HK Electronics fair. Very simple and quite cheap for a “green promotional product“.

Here is a perfect example of an ancient Chinese lantern mixed with new technology to create a modern 21st century version of the Chinese Lantern.

The small solar panel on the top of the lantern is exposed to the sun light all day when placed outdoors. The energy created is stored in the device and is released when a small switch is activated to turn the light bulb on. There are no electric cables with this lantern, all the energy comes from the sun’s UV rays. The lantern is easy to attach anywhere outdoors because it is free of cables and thus can be placed anywhere the customers decided to place it! This modern version of the Chinese Lantern is absolutely perfect for a summer dinner or an outdoor party, not only do they serve as a light source they also are great for decoration.

Nowadays lanterns are found in various shapes and designs. The very basic round lantern is very common but more complex shaped lanterns have been spotted, for example some are shaped as animals. This product can be customized in the shape and can include printing of your company’s brand name or logo on the lantern so that the lamp will illuminate the print..

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