This miniature version of a solar powered windmill is a very fun introductory product for green energy. One of many on show at the recent HK Electronics show.

The small solar panel on the base of the product collects energy and powers the small turbines of the windmill and the turbines create an air ventilation. This product could also be offered as a mobile device charger and fan. The solar charger could have a unit to store energy, a small lithium ion battery.

This would allow your customers to charge their mobile devices such as cell phones, iPhone, and iPads using clean energy. Solar Windmills are a great fun product for the office as it can help keep your employees cooler during the hot summer months. The windmill can also be of great use for outdoor meetings in remote areas where there is no ventilation and no electricity socket.

Solar Windmill Promotional Product

The solar windmill is a great green giveaway product as a corporate gift or even for a GWP campaign. It can be used as an initiation product to environmental friendly products and clean tech energy alternatives. The product can also be used by solar companies to give away as promotional products to showcase on a small scale what there products can achieve.

Don’t forget to customize the solar windmill by printing logos and brand names on the base of the product. Corporate colors can be used to display more brand recognition.

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