Every now and then a special day is planned to raise public awareness.   We compiled a list of special days on our Promotional Products website

A good example is National Tree Week in the United Kingdom, by the The Tree Council – UK’s leading charity for trees promotes their importance in a changing environment.  They are an active advocate in changing the environment for good.

The Tree Council was founded as the National Tree Planting Campaign and followed by the “Plant A Tree In ‘73”.  They succeeded in getting a minimum of 8,000 volunteers to participate in various activities organized. The Tree Council also offers help for tree planting through two grant programs, the “Trees for Schools” and “Community Trees” funds to encourage the younger generation – below the age of 16. Through these programs,

Wanting to create a better tomorrow, ODMasia would also like to participate in this green movement through ODMgreen which is set-up to focus only on customizable eco-friendly promotional products, including apparel and to work with customers in this mission of changing the environment for the better.

Want to promote your company or event in a manner consistent with your company’s values? Allow ODMgreen to assist you.

For Eco friendly Promos, remember to order early in order to avoid air freight at all costs.