National tree week (see the tree council) is UK’s largest tree celebration, held since 1975. Commencing on the 27th of November and running to 5th of December, it is held during the winter tree planting season.  National Tree Week is a great opportunity for communities to contribute to their local landscape. It encourages local authorities and voluntary bodies such as schools and society to participate in this event and companies usually follow with more eco-friendly promotional products.

Just 1 month after National Tree Week, the world will be celebrating Christmas and therefore the 2 themes can tie in nicely.   How about using these artificial pine trees which can work well in both events focussing on conservation and the beauty of trees..

Another unique product we developed is this aroma diffuser.  It can be customized into a Christmas tree for collection on National Tree Week in advance of Christmas. To cap off this tree promotion, offer your own unique flavoured scents such as Cedar, Pine, etc..      See more scent related products.