Plastic usage has been one of the world’s problems for the longest time. It has caused many environmental concerns today, which the government and experts are still trying to solve. As responsible entrepreneurs, we must be part of the solution. We must always take into consideration how we can help make this world a safer place for our future. As early as now, start ditching plastic and go green! Be economically and environmentally-friendly with these molded paper pulp packaging. Here are the reasons why and how to start.

molded paper pulp packaging

molded paper pulp packaging

Why Switch to Molded Paper Pulp Packaging from plastics?

According to the recent study and statistics by Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, plastics generation was increased to 35.7 million tons in the United States, which was 12.2 percent of MSW generation in 2018. This category includes bags, sacks, and wraps; another packaging; polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and jars; high-density polyethylene (HDPE) natural bottles; and other containers. Manufacturers also use plastic in durable goods, such as appliances, furniture, casings of lead-acid batteries, and other products. EPA does not include plastics in transportation products, other than lead-acid batteries, in this analysis.

Switch to Molded Paper Pulp Packaging

Molded paper pulp packaging, also known as molded fiber, actually started in 1930. The introduction of plastic packaging in the 1970s declined its usage. But with what plastic consumption has brought us, manufacturers are now switching to the improved molding technologies for a more sustainable living.

Molded Paper Pulp Packaging

Molded Paper Pulp Packaging


How to Be Part of the Change?

ODM recently launched its newest eco-friendly packaging: molded paper pulp packaging. There are two styles to choose from: a recyclable paper tray with no lid and the paper packaging with lid.

1. Recyclable Paper Tray with no lid

This molded fiber is made from carton paper and is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. It can also be flexible in size and be made in customized shapes depending on the product. With this custom eco-friendly product, you can keep the fruits in place and protect them from bruising. Would you like to have this customized packaging for your own products? Contact us with the product code: ODM-3524.

Molded Paper Pulp Packaging

Molded Paper Pulp Packaging

2. Paper Packaging with lid

This customizable packaging is also made of carton paper and is recyclable and environmentally beneficial. It’s also perfect for food deliveries, takeouts, or as packaging for food packaging. Made from a 100%biodegradable material, the packaging can be easier to dispose of. Do you see any benefits to your business? Then, contact our team and cite product code ODM-3523.

Molded Paper Pulp Packaging

Molded Paper Pulp Packaging

Benefits of Switching to Molded Paper Pulp Packaging

  • Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

    Consumers now switch to what is really sustainable. Even they are also tired of the tons of garbage. People would love, appreciate and support eco-friendly packaging products.

  • Low Cost Per Use (CPU)

    The cost of paper packaging is actually cheaper than plastic packaging in the long run. Based on statistics, a plastic grocery bag costs one cent, while a paper bag costs 4 to 5 cents per bag to manufacture. Although there are plastic bags that are compostable, the price can increase aroound 8 to 10 cents – costly, right?

  • More Sales

    Lower CPU also means having more sales. Green packaging is not only beneficial to the environment but for your business as well.

Molded Paper Pulp Packaging

Molded Paper Pulp Packaging


How Can ODM Help With Your Green Marketing?

For the past decades, ODM has been a partner for a more sustainable living by helping business owners, retailers, and, manufacturers come up with unique, and customizable eco-friendly packaging ideas such as this molded paper pulp packaging. From eco-friendly corporate gifts, eco-friendly promotional bags, and more! Mindsparkz is also here to create an eco-friendly packaging design for you! Do you want to be part of the change? Join us today. Contact ODM now!


More Eco-Friendly Packaging Ideas…

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