We spotted this Dead Rising 4 limited-edition snow globe at a shopping store on one of our trips. We were impressed by the awesome snow globe design as it is very fitting for Christmas, making it a fantastic gift for loved ones.

Snow Globe Design

Snow Globe Design

Dead Rising 4 is the eighth installment of the Dead Rising series, an action-adventure video game developed by Capcom Vancouver. The story revolves around Frank West, a former photojournalist now investigating the zombie outbreak in their town.

Featuring a behatted Christmas tree, the snow globe is far from the visuals of the game. It gives off a holiday vibe. However, customers can still link it to the game since “Dead Rising 4” is printed on the base. Furthermore, you can see that one of the mini boxes inside the dome has a skull in it, a nod to the game’s storyline.

Snow Globe Design

Snow Globe Design


The gaming industry is such a competitive industry. When a video game is released, there is always a buzz. This is thanks to the marketing behind every game. Just like the games they make, developers are also masters of building up hype around their products. These companies do not just sell the game, but they also sell or give away exclusive merchandise such as bobbleheads, promotional figurines, promotional T-shirts, and even snow globes!


Why Snow Globes for Marketing Video Games?

Video game fans not only enjoy playing the game, but they also collect limited-edition gaming merchandise from their favorite series. Game companies understand the importance of giving customers a tangible reminder of their company. Here are the reasons snow globes are ideal for marketing video games.

Snow Globe Design

Snow Globe Design


  • We all know that fans love to show off their favorite merchandise from their favorite sports team, movie, or video game. They would surely show off their custom branded snow globe from their favorite game to their friends. Not only does this make fans feel proud to have limited-series merchandise, but it also exposes the brand to more people.

Sense of Exclusivity

  • “Limited-edition” cements that feeling of exclusivity. Video game merchandise often come in limited quantities. As such, it encourages fans to acquire the product before the time runs out.

Snow Globes Have a High Perceived Value

  • A T-shirt can become worn out after a few times of wearing it. Pens may dry out if not used. However, snow globes last long with proper maintenance. You do not have to worry about losing its function. When kept in a gift box, it retains its beauty. Furthermore, such items, especially if limited-edition, may increase its value over time. In fact, many people are fond of collecting snow globes. Also known as snow domes, they can be sold at a higher price than their original price when a story is attached to it.

Valuable Gift

  • Snow globes are a great marketing gift all year-round. The designs can vary from sceneries, popular characters, logos, Christmas symbols, and more. As gaming merchandise,  it is a valuable gift that gamers will surely hold on to for years. Moreover, snow globes can help create hype even before the game is released.


  • As snow globes prove to be a valuable gift that has the potential to increase in value over time, it makes sense why many people love collecting them. Moreover, it requires great attention and detail to make, which is why it is highly valued by customers.

Seasonal Boosts

  • According to studies, people spend more during Christmas more than at any other time of the year. With so many people buying gifts, this is definitely a great time to boost seasonal sales. Snow globes are a popular Christmas gift. As such, this offers game developers a chance to gain a seasonal boost!

To Sum Up…

Dead Rising made a great decision to use a snow globe for their video game marketing. The Christmas-themed water dome is such a valuable gift that gamers would certainly appreciate. Besides being a fantastic decor, it also increases brand engagement in the long run.

When it comes to snow globe design, it is important to gauge what your target market wants. Since this is Christmas-themed, it kind of primes future customers that this is an excellent Christmas gift for the gamers in their life.

How ODM Can Help with Your Promotions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a snow globe?

A snow globe (also called a waterglobe, snowstorm, or snowdome) is a transparent sphere, traditionally made of glass, enclosing a miniaturized scene of some sort, often together with a model of a town, landscape or figure.

Why are snow globes a good promotional item?

Branded snow globes are a effective way to boost your marketing campaign. The intricate details and attention that goes into the creation of the design and manufacture of each individual piece adds to the value and high-end quality of this decoration.

How can you make your promotional snow globe stand out?

Snow globes are great promotional products for any type of business or organizations. Make it unique by adding your personalized imprint or advertisement.