Wooden snow globes are a trendy gift or mantelpiece to have during the festive period coming up in two months. People love both giving and receiving snow globes as presents, no matter who it is. Many companies have invested in custom branded snow globes in the past such as American Airlines and Coca-Cola. However, not many companies use wooden snow globes, and prefer to go for other materials instead, which is why we have compiled a list of reasons why you need wooden snow globes.

wooden snow globes

Wooden snow globes

Here are eleven reasons why you need wooden snow globes:

  1. Christmas – Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivities of the year worldwide, and snow globes will be one of the most gifted presents or ornaments to be seen in houses!
  2. Small – A typical snow globe is normally small in size and light in weight, making it easy to carry.
  3. Portable  This makes it easy to move around whether holding it in a hand, a bag, or a box. The materials used are durable and make it strong, so the product cannot be easily damaged.  All these features make it an effective item to gift.
  4. Not a common branded product – Not many companies give promotional snow globes, so if your company does it will definitely stand out!
  5. Beautiful and Aesthetic – Everyone loves snow globes, who doesn’t? Each snow globe has its own story with different details of houses, trees, people, depending on the theme. The little details and range of colors make it visually appealing and add personality to the gift!

    wooden snow globes

    Wooden snow globes

  6. Memories – Snow globes are usually given as a gift or bought from somewhere as a memory. This makes the product meaningful. If there is a name of a brand or place, it can ultimately result in the sharing of memories.
  7. Warm Ambience – This builds on the point above, memories and gifts hold good feelings and this adds to the warm ambiance provided with the gift.
  8. Perfect Gift – A snow globe is a popular present, especially when it comes to festivities such as Christmas where the snow represents the season. However, this can be a gift for anyone once it is customised. As a company, you can gift it to employees as a branded corporate gift and customers to show some appreciation.
  9. Rustic Feel – Wooden snow globes are unique as most snow globes are made out of polyresin. The wooden base gives it a more rustic and homely feel.
  10. Customized Products – Wooden snow globes can be found in many places, which is why a customized product will stand out more, due to having its own personality and representing your business.
  11. Variety of dome shapes – All of the globes in the pictures come in different shapes and sizes from an oval to a rectangular jar which makes them distinctive.

    wooden snow globes

    Wooden snow globes

To sum up:

Wooden snow globes are great because of how appealing they are, the ease of moving it around, along with the good memories they hold or can make upon receiving. As a company, a snow globe is not used by many other businesses as a promotional product or a GWP (gift with purchase). By rewarding your customers with something small yet beautiful, it will be an amazing way to boost sales and enhance brand visibility.

Are you interested in having a custom wooden snow globe? Or having your company’s logo on the front or inside? The increase in brand exposure would be highly beneficial for you!

At The ODM Group, we offer our clients a range of services whether you’re interested in an existing product, want a marketing gift or start from scratch to design your own product! If you are interested in designing your own wooden snow globe, our in-house team of product designers can help create a customized globe with different colors and details inside. This will help increase brand loyalty through the sentimentality of the gift! Feel free to contact us to find out more! The product code is 2672.

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