How do you advertise with a custom snow globe? Although it is a popular Christmas item, snow globes are a lovely marketing gift all year round. This creative branded merchandise may be more decorative than practical, but it can be custom-designed to promote your company.

But why snow globes? With so many new brands entering the market, people are spoilt for choice. So you want to make sure that they choose over competitors.

Creative Branded Merchandise

Creative Branded Merchandise

If you want to impress clients and warm up new leads, you want to offer gifts that are far from the traditional custom promotional pens and custom keychains. While these products are cost-efficient, investing in unique custom marketing gifts can give your brand the boost it needs. No matter what the season, a snow globe will always delight and catch people’s attention.

These snow globes are particularly eye-catching. Inside the dome are delicately-designed building figurines. You can see the work that goes into creating these cute pieces. But how do you use them to advertise your products or company?


Creative Branded Merchandise: How to Advertise with a Snow Globe

Thank-You Gift for Clients

Show your appreciation to your clients by giving them customized snow globes. This example is not the same as the usual water dome as it has no liquid inside. What is great about this particular product is that it has LED lights in it.

Creative Branded Merchandise

Creative Branded Merchandise

Long-lasting and beautiful, these snow globes are a thoughtful reminder of your great customer service.


Choose an Appropriate Design

Like every good promotional product, it starts with a clear design in mind. When choosing a design, it is ideal to stick with your brand visuals such as logo, mascot, and colors to create top of mind awareness. However, you can also choose creative designs to make them look more personalized than just a marketing product.

Creative Branded Merchandise 3

Creative Branded Merchandise

Our suggestion, find inspiration from your customers. For instance, if your clients work in the health sector, you may want to customize the snow globes to reflect the industry they are in. If you are thinking of sending them thank-you gifts on a special day such as Christmas, New Year, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day, then you may also plan your designs around these events.


As an Anniversary Gift

Are you celebrating your company’s anniversary? Make it extra special with a snow globe. With a snow globe, you have the base and the figurine inside to customize. Since gatherings are prohibited during this pandemic, you may send a corporate gift box to your recipients. Aside from a snow globe, you may also include other promotional products such as a small branded notepad and a smaller snow globe keychain.


Get New Leads

We normally exchange business cards when we want to gain new leads. However, business cards are easy to lose. This is where promotional products come in. Not only do they serve as a tangible reminder of your company, but they are also a thoughtful and beautiful way to introduce your company to target clients.

Trade shows are the best place to showcase your snow globes. They can be given to key industry players, whom you think will be helpful to your company.


Our Key Takeaways

Snow globes are definitely one of the best creative branded merchandise you can use for your brand campaigns. Flexibility is one of its selling points. They offer marketers a lot of elbow room for creativity so you can turn them into unique business cards that your target clients would love to receive.


So, would a snow globe help your company gain new leads and keep old ones loyal? If so, do not hesitate to contact our team with product code ODM-3372.

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