Huge airline companies such as British Airways and Qantas have recently opened their door for customers to buy an unused airline galley cart! This is an opportunity for people to get their hands on unique memorabilia and re-create the genuine and original feeling of flying on the ground. Let’s take a read on how these carts benefit companies and events!

airline galley cart

Airline Galley Cart

Benefits of an Airline Galley Cart

1. Increase Productivity

With an airline galley cart used during company events, employees can store items such as food, logistics, merchandise, etc in it. Similar to a custom candy cart, the options are endless! Hence, employees can save hours of labor from walking around with just a few items on hand from place to place. Now, they can move around efficiently and quickly throughout the whole event. Time and money will also be well spent as companies’ do not have to hire more workers to move around trying to increase product sales. 

2. Increase Employee Engagement & Energy

Why will it increase employee engagement and energy? Through the investment in the company/event’s material handling process, employees will notice that the company is putting forth its best efforts to ensure the health and safety of employees. 

Moreover, with the airline galley cart, it reduces the amount of physical effort required to lift, handle, push, and pull products throughout the event space. Hence, these actions will not only boost employee engagement and morale but overall involvement within the companies well. 

airline galley cart

Airline Galley Cart

3. Highly Efficient and Functional

The use of airline galley carts helps to increase efficiency by maximizing the use of available space in the carts and logistics areas. Staff can easily move around the space in a tidy and organized manner due to increased comfortability in moving multiple items around. In addition, items will not be damaged or lost as easily due to it being stored in the carts. Attendees to the event will also be glad to choose items from the cart due to the increased visibility of items in the carts! Thus, these carts are not only highly efficient but functional as well. 

airline galley cart

Airline Galley Cart

4. High-Security Lock System

The airline galley cart is highly secured with its high-security lock system. The cart mechanisms first consist of the brakes. 2 brakes, the green pedal for brake release and the red pedal for full braking. Secondly, the door is 270 degrees hinged with magnetic hold-open devices to not only hold the door open but keep the door fully shut when unopened. Thirdly, the pull-handle allows users to open the doors of the cart swiftly and easily. These mechanisms are just part of the high-security lock system that this airline galley cart has. Contact us with code ODM-3357 for more information on why this system can prevent your internal items from being stolen. 

airline galley cart

Internal View

5. Customizable

Companies have the flexibility to customize the branded airline galley cart to their fullest ability. Choose between different colors of the cart to symbolize your company or event colors! Additionally, you can choose between logos or nameplates to be placed on the doors of the airline galley cart. Furthermore, there is a cardholder area (125*95mm) for employees to place their cards to increase business relationships. Done correctly, it could set the event and company to bigger opportunities and increase brand exposure.

airline galley cart

Internal View

Product Information

Material: Composite Aluminum / Aluminum alloy

Dimension (L x W x H): 810*301*1030 mm

Four-wheeled, best for storage in the different compartments

Empty Weight: 23kgs

Max Weight in Load: about 114 kgs

airline galley cart

Airline Galley Cart Dimensions

Key Product Points

Companies that might be interested in a branded or custom airline galley cart can be in any niche, such as event or food and beverage industries, etc. Ultimately, it can effectively amplify your brand performance in a plethora of ways. 

They are creative promotional products to capture the eyes of people. The multiple features and benefits make the branded airline galley cart even more attractive. Additionally, a convenient option in moving around logistics or an on the go promotional merchandise shop during events! Furthermore, for brand differentiation, the product can be customized according to the client’s requirements.

airline galley cart

Airline Galley Cart

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the quality of material affect brand exposure?

Products made from high-quality materials with visual appeal are highly likely to be used on a daily basis. Customers will be impressed by the high-quality and innovation of the product you give. Leaving customers with positive impressions of your branded products will most definitely affect brand exposure.

Can I get a product sample before mass ordering?

Yes, most definitely. Sampling is extremely important and products will be quoted with qualified prospects before doing so. However, do note that additional fees are needed for samples. Contact ODM today to get more information on product samples!