Think custom plastic toys and usually the first thing you will think of our toys for children. However, plastic toys don’t have to be for children, they can also provide a great novelty for company merchandise and promo gifts.

A great example are China Airlines who as seen at Canton Fair have designed a custom plastic toy to promote their brand in a fun and creative way. This custom plastic toy is designed to represent a China Airline aircraft and to add fun to the product, they have made this into a wind-up plastic toy that moves!

Custom Plastic Toys - Branded Merchandise for China Airlines

Custom Plastic Toys – Branded Merchandise for China Airlines

Custom plastic toys and why are they an attractive marketing product?

These toys offer excellent branding potential as they can be customised to suit virtually any industry. Wind-up toys can be custom shaped and can be wound up to move like this aeroplane, or to even represent a walking company mascot.

Below is a video to show how this custom plastic toy works:

Custom plastic toys are nice items to give away during promotional events as free gifts if small. This China Airline toy is larger and also makes the perfect product display idea, as it moves, makes noise and instantly helps in attracting peoples attention increasing brand awareness.

If interested in this product, feel free to contact us at the ODM Group and quote product number ODM-1156.
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