GWP Promotion: Milo Champions #CANGeneration

Milo is currently promoting #CANGeneration, which aims to encourage children to stay healthy and strong as they go back to school. They also augmented their online effort with a GWP promotion. Shoppers will get a branded promotional drawstring bag with the purchase of Nestle Milo. One of our staff members sighted this promotion at a supermarket in Vietnam.

GWP Promotion - Milo #CANGeneration

GWP Promotion – Milo #CANGeneration

The hashtag #CANGeneration was definitely intriguing so we searched for it and here’s what we found upon checking their Instagram account:

Milo #CANGeneration

Milo #CANGeneration

The post says: Bạn đã sẵn sàng trở lại trường đầy năng lượng chưa? bật 1 list nhạc thật sôi động cùng 4 bài tập gợi ý tại nhà thật cool, bắt đầu thôi #MILOVIETNAM #Cangeneration

Translation: Are you ready to go back to school full of energy? Play a list of upbeat songs and practice 4 cool exercises recommended at home, let’s get started!

Milo #CANGeneration

Milo #CANGeneration

Translation: Epic weight lifting. Lift 2 packs of Milo 7 times 

Milo #CANGeneration

Milo #CANGeneration



Không làm đổ Milo lon – Without causing any Milo can to fall down.

Milo #CANGeneration

Milo #CANGeneration

BÓNG BÀN – Table Tennins

QUYẾT TÂM– Determination

Đua tỉ số trên bàn học – Race score on the student desk 

Milo #CANGeneration

Milo #CANGeneration


Bền bỉ: Persistent

Hạ gục tường thành Milo – Defeat the wall of Milo

These are all activities kids can do at home using empty cans of Milo- a very clever way to increase brand engagement in the comfort of their homes. Since the games can be played with two or more players, Milo gains finer brand remembrance and free advertisement.

Why Milo #CANGeneration is Impressive

Mixed Marketing Strategy for Brand Activation

Milo combines the effectiveness of online marketing and in-store marketing strategies to promote their recent campaign, #CANGeneration. The use of a gift with purchase allows them to reach customers who are not familiar with their promotion.

One of the benefits is increased in-store sales. Those who have seen their IG post might be encouraged to purchase Milo to obtain the GWP bag. The freebie, in essence, serves as the final push for customers to buy Milo products on the spot.

Another benefit is increased online engagement. With people spending more time on social media, you want your brand to get their attention through compelling hashtags and interactive activities. And Milo got it right! We learned that they set up activity areas all around Vietnam and people are talking about it and posting pictures with them participating in fun games.

Custom Branded Bag Incentivized Customers

Bags are a classic promotional product. They do not go out of fashion and there is always a demand for it. Incorporating a branded drawstring bag into their in-store marketing strategy, . People love to get more out of their money, so giving something extra encourages customers to spend more than what they planned to.

We also love the use of a drawstring bag. Here’s why:

  • Drawstring bags are handy and ideal for sports promotion and people with an active lifestyle.
  • They allow brands to gain daily brand exposure
  • Easy to open and unload contents
  • Since it is worn on the back, it positions the brand in front of other people’s eyes
  • It features their hashtag #CANGeneration, advertising it to people on the street

Turns Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

Promotional products are a great way to turn customers into your brand ambassadors. Milo’s hashtag and drawstring bag with logo turned their customers into brand ambassadors instantly. People become walking advertisements of Milo as they use the bags at school, gym, and events.

Other Milo GWP Promotion that Caught Our Attention

Aside from the branded drawstring bag, Milo is also offering an on-pack utility bag with logo and free promotional pencil case.

GWP Promotion

GWP Promotion

The utility bag also serves as packaging for their canned drinks, which is very clever. This eliminates the need for plastic packaging and customers can use the bag right away. It can be used to keep cosmetics, spare clothes, and socks.

GWP Promotion

GWP Promotion

To obtain the pencil case, worth 65,000đ, customers will have to buy 3 packs of milo (with sugar/little sugar). The packaging is a blue-white box- a bit different from Milo’s trademark green color and the packaging features a polar bear print. This is what made it stand out from the rest of the display. The promotional gifts are very timely on top of being practical and cost-efficient.

GWP Promotion

GWP Promotion – Branded Pencil Case

Since Vietnam is one of the first countries to open its schools, the promotional giveaways are very timely. Their GWP promotion is all about encouraging kids to stay active, healthy, and strong and this is evident in their in-store display.

Tiếp sức nhà vô địch trong con means “Strengthen your child’s inner champion.”

GWP Promotion

GWP Promotion

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