When it comes to promotional products, you want to invest in something that is flexible, inexpensive, high-utility, and functional. However, is there a product that combines all these magnificent qualities? Yes, there is! A drawstring bag with logo can be your most efficient marketing tool, yet.

Drawstring Bag with Logo

Drawstring Bag with Logo

However, this is not your ordinary cinch bag. We want to take branding to a whole new level by adding a feature that would allow customers to personalize it. It is a coloring cinch bag, great for DIYs and swag bags.

We have previously posted about coloring bags but what makes this one different is the style. We often see coloring backpacks and tote bags so now the spotlight is on drawstring bags and the advantages over other styles.

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Coloring Drawstring Bag with Logo: What are the Advantages?

Fun to Use

Perhaps the most obvious reason why we love this bag. Coloring bags are certainly unique and encourage users to personalize the product themselves, which, in turn, enhances brand engagement. It would also be great to offer free custom crayons together with the bag. So, when customers are happy, they sill surely keep your brand in mind. Therefore, it is a win-win for both the customers and the company.


Simple and Easy to Use

Easy to open and close, convenient access to your personal belongings is one of the many charms of drawstring bags. Its simple yet rugged style makes it an ideal choice for sports promotions. Furthermore, the simple construction of the bag allows customers to pack and unload their belongings with so much ease, which makes it ideal for our fast-paced lifestyle.


Great for all Genders

Unlike tote bags, which is generally popular among girls, cinch bags, or drawstring bags, appeal to all genders of all ages. Due to its universal appeal, it saves you time and energy planning marketing gifts for different segments of your market.


Parents Will Love Them

Parents are always looking for products that are wholesome and age-appropriate. A bag that can also be customized by kids is a novelty idea that would no doubt appeal to parents.

As a business owner, how can you make your brand appealing to parents and kids? We suggest printing line arts of your official mascot to the bags for kids to color. Logos may not be that appealing to children, but mascots make your brand more appealing and personable.

You may also find inspiration from festivities such as Christmas, Halloween, and Chinese New Year. But if you really want to make their heads turn, consider using licensed characters such as Elsa of Frozen, We Bare Bears, and Marvel Superheroes.

Drawstring Bag with Logo

Drawstring Bag with Logo


Eye-Level Marketing

We absolutely love tote bags. They are flexible and really high-utility. However, the logo on the sides of the bag is usually covered by your arms. Because the drawstring bag with logo is carried on the back, the logos are very visible to those you meet on the streets.



Drawstring bags offer a huge space for printing logos and other brand visuals. It offers room for creativity and brand visibility. Furthermore, aside from a huge printing space, the bag itself is roomy so you can put anything in it from your toiletry kit to your purse, mobile phone, and even spare clothes. Being high-utility, this bag is really perfect for a casual day out.



A drawstring bag with logo can serve as custom product packaging for shoes and apparel brands. So, how do you use it to advertise your company? This is ideal for swag bags containing promotional items for kids. You may also offer them as an in-flight promo gift together with grooming kits and toys.

Great for Marketing Movies

Kids love to brag branded products with their favorite movie characters in it. Since this is a coloring bag they can customize themselves, it makes the custom promotional merchandise more special to them. They can then show the bags they color themselves to their friends and classmates, sparking word-of-mouth advertising.


Ideal for Sports Marketing and Sponsorships

Sports events are a great venue to get your brand out there. Usually, drink companies team up with sports teams (most often liquor and energy drinks) to promote their brands. They often offer branded souvenirs to fans to commemorate the event. But where does this coloring drawstring bag comes in?

As this coloring bag is designed with kids in mind, marketing managers can use this for sports competitions for kids, fundraisers, Intramurals, and even charity promotions.


How Can ODM Help?

So, would a coloring drawstring bag with logo help you boost your marketing? If so, then feel free to contact our team. We can offer you a wide range of custom promotional bags with logos. Our team is also proud to showcase bags with cool functionalities but if you want something that is sophisticated and professionally-made, our team can also help you with that!

If you like this drawstring bag with logo, send us an email today and quote product code ODM-2995 for reference.f

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