Are you a company looking for appreciation gifts for your account managers? Then, look no further. We have compiled a unique set of gift ideas for your hardworking employees. Account managers are the soul of your company. Always putting their client’s needs first, they serve as the liaison between your company, clients, and other stakeholders. To show your sincere appreciation, offer them corporate gifts they can use to improve their well-being. So, here are wellness promotional products for account managers.


10 Wellness Promotional Products for Brand Activation Manager

1.Branded Cooling Towel with Container

After exercising, your body feels hot. Wiping your sweat may not be enough. So, here is a product that not only wipes off sweat but cools down the body. This cooling towel with a container can be custom designed with your logo or brand colors. If you are keen to customize this for your company, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and quote product code ODM-2500 for reference.

Wellness Promotional Gifts - Custom Cooling Towel

Wellness Promotional Gifts – Custom Cooling Towel


2. Fidget Spinner with Highlighter

Fidget spinners are a great way to ease boredom, relieve stress, and help with anxiety. But these are no ordinary fidget spinners. They are a 2-in-1 product: a fidget toy with the additional functionality of highlighters.

Wellness Promotional Products - Fidget Spinner with Highligher

Wellness Promotional Products – Fidget Spinner with Highlighter


Fidget toys come in various shapes and designs and here are some of our favorites:


Here is another stress relief fidget toy for the working adults! The magnetic ring massages the fingers and joints which helps relieve tension in the hands.


3. Promotional Water Bottles

Drinking plenty of water helps our bodies in so many ways. It can help reduce sugar cravings, improve mood, as well as prevent kidney issues. As such this is an ideal corporate gift for office workers and work-from-home employees. Having a bottle of water beside them saves them time getting water from the pantry.

Water bottles also rank high in the list of favorite promotional items. Marketing managers love them because of the unlimited advertising benefits they provide. For one, simply printing your brand name on the bottle can give you immense brand exposure. Here is a list of unique water bottles, some of them have additional functionalities such as an earphone case and charger.


4. Branded Yoga Mats

Unplug from your devices and meditate! Meditation or even simple deep breathing in the morning can have a positive impact on your overall physical and mental health. It calms you down and boosts mental sharpness by reducing stress hormones and prompting our body to release hormones that promote self-healing and relaxation. How can your brand benefit from this? Have your company name or logo printed on the mat to increase your visibility. If you are keen to customize yoga mats for your next marketing campaign, then feel free to contact us with product code ODM-1691.

Wellness Promotional Products - Branded Yoga Mats

Wellness Promotional Products – Branded Yoga Mats


5. Hand Massager

This compact hand massager allows customers to relieve daily stress any time they need it. Aside from stress-relief, it also offers an interesting branding opportunity. You may want to match the color to your brand visuals and have your brand printed on the body. Quote product code ODM-927 when contacting our team.

Wellness Promotional Products - Hand Massager

Wellness Promotional Products – Hand Massager


6.  Heating Eye Mask

This promotional eye mask will make a great gift for customers and account managers themselves! The heat that comes out of the eye mask can help improve blood circulation, thereby reducing dark circles and improving sleep. Quote product code ODM-2262 when contacting our team.

Wellness Promotional Products - Heating Eye Mask

Wellness Promotional Products – Heating Eye Mask


7.  Promotional Stress Balls

Why are promotional stress balls ideal to promote wellness and relaxation? These squishy balls can help you relieve stress, concentrate, and exercise the muscles around your hands. You see, our hands absorb so much stress from work. So give your hands some love. Squeezing the ball also helps induce overall relaxation because the nerves around our wrists are connected to the brain, which in turn helps nervous functioning and reduce stress hormones.

As a promotional product, the ball itself can be a great place to print your brand name. So, when they use the stress balls, they will see your brand right away.

Additionally, stress balls come in various shapes so you can customize them to really reflect the industry you are in. Here are some promotional stress relievers designed for the shipping and logistics industry.


8. Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books are not only for kids. Adults can also enjoy the many benefits of using a coloring book. According to studies, coloring books can help relieve stress and induce relaxation. Furthermore, this is a hobby anyone can do. It does not require you to be artistic or creative.


9. Customized Games

Board games can be a relaxing way to spend the day. Let your customers have fun whilst advertising your brand. there are mini ball games, mini boxing, and eve ring toss. Wholesome and fun, promotional toys and games appeal to large demographics with varied interests. Check this blog out to learn more about your options!


10. Promotional Football Shaped Mugs

Have a sip of your favorite hot beverage while watching your favorite football team or catching up with your favorite TV show! These mugs are made in the shape of football so this is really appealing to football fans and sports buffs.

Wellness Promotional Products - Promotional Football Shaped Mugs

Wellness Promotional Products – Promotional Football Shaped Mugs


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