Many people might feel anxious about post-pandemic in-person interactions. And that is understandable. The present and real anxiety caused by COVID 19 is not going to go away anytime soon.  So, if you are a company owner who prioritizes their employees’ and customers’ welfare, then offering branded wellness gifts could be a thoughtful act to do. Since the pandemic limits you to personally check on them, you might be unaware of what’s going on in their lives. We can’t deny the fact that this pandemic caused a lot of changes in every aspect of peoples’ lives.

Branded Wellness Gifts

Branded Wellness Gifts

Tips to Ease Back-to-Normal Anxieties

As a leader, there is no denying that your main concern would be about helping your team members to cope with the changes brought by this unprecedented event. And you must be thinking right now about the best support that you could give to them. Apparently, there are so many ways to show and extend your empathy to your team.

You might also be thinking about how you could help your customers to de-stress before resuming face-to-face interactions.

Listed below are tips and gift ideas to motivate and help your employees and even customers to navigate their anxieties as we prepare to go back to normal.

1. Do Yoga

Forcing your employees to immediately condition themselves to adapt to the new normal is a very unfeasible goal right now. It definitely takes time to achieve. Thus, preparing them physically, emotionally, and mentally is very important. Why not encourage them to do yoga exercises or any workout? Spending time alone while executing yoga exercises promotes a healthy way of thinking among employees.

branded wellness gifts

Branded Wellness Gifts

As we all know, yoga can have very favorable effects on a person’s physical and mental health. Moreover, it helps develop a positive outlook on life. The pandemic leaves traumatic aftermath to everyone. In this case, yoga exercise would greatly help cast away anxieties and other distressing emotions. Hence, encouraging your teammates to do so can help them be physically and mentally prepared in coping with the new culture that awaits them. Sending off these branded yoga mats to them would definitely motivate them to do this physical activity.

2. Practice Silent Meditation

According to Lao Tzu, “Silence is a source of great strength.” In addition, it helps in the holistic development of an individual. Quiet moments promote self-reflection and focus. Thus, giving the ear a break from the hustle and noise of the environment proves to have important significance in human health.  Encouraging your employees to have a moment of silence by practicing silent meditation could help them to focus on their inner selves and improve their breathing. Giving this branded earplug to your employees would definitely a great way to keep the focus on themselves and ponder things in silence.

branded wellness gifts

Branded Wellness Gifts

3. Keep a Journal

Writing a journal is a recommended stress-management strategy. It helps reduce anxiety and is found to be effective to improve overall wellbeing. Now is the right time to relive traditional journaling and get our ideas on paper. Scribbling away your plans, dreams, introspection, childhood memories, aspirations, could serve as a good distraction from the current situation. Let your employees release their emotions through these highly customizable notebooks. Allow them to free themselves from the tensions that they have inside.

branded wellness gifts

Branded Wellness Gifts

4. Schedule Social Media Cleansing

Every day, toxic information keeps lurking in the webspace and feeds people false information. Social media cleansing would help to distance from the mental damage and misleading information spread through social media. Ignite the artistic side of your employees by engaging them with creative activities such as adult coloring books. Coloring is not just for kids. It could also be beneficial for adults as it is said to have a therapeutic effect on them. Coloring helps generate wellness, quietness, and mindfulness in your employees as well. Coloring books for adults could help them engage with this activity.

branded wellness gifts

Branded Wellness Gifts

6. Take Time to Read

The pandemic has caused a lot of emotional breakdown among people. Therefore, focusing on something that helps alleviate stress is necessary. Reading for example is a very great distraction from the buzz of the pandemic. It is found to be beneficial to reduce stress, slow down the heart rate, and relax the muscles. Truly, it is not just the body that needs to work out. Human brains also do.

branded wellness gifts

Branded Wellness Gifts

Encourage people to read would help to nourish their minds. Motivational books would definitely inspire them to be better and help improve themselves as well. Support them in this mind exercise with these classy wood bookmarks.

7. Practice Hand Workout

Stress is probably one of the chronic problems experienced by every individual. The level of stress accumulated during the pandemic is unimaginably high. De-stress by doing simple hand workouts. According to studies, hand workouts help relieve physical and emotional stress. Besides, it also improves work performance. Encourage your employees to start their simple but healthy hand workout by sending them stress reliever balls and fidget spinners.

Branded Wellness Gifts - Stress Balls
Branded Wellness Gifts

8. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water regularly is a very important practice to manage anxieties. Water has natural calming properties, which is why it is good for relaxation. It is the simplest and the most cost-effective way to beat stress and anxiety. People are more likely to get dehydrated when they are stressed out because the heart rate is higher and breathing becomes heavier, thus a large amount of body fluids are released by the body. Giving your teammates these customized glowing tumblers will remind them to stay hydrated all the time.

Branded Wellness Gifts - Water Bottles

Branded Wellness Gifts – Water Bottles

9. Relax the Body

You are probably one of those companies that adopted the WFH setup. Since the outbreak, many workers spent their time working within their homes. Spending long hours sitting while doing their tasks adds to the many anxiety-causing factors among employees. They might not be doing physical activities, but their body feels exhausted due to prolonged sitting. Having a footrest while working absolutely helps people to feel comfortable while working.

branded wellness gifts

Foot Rest: Branded Wellness Gifts

Prolonged sitting is said to be associated with increased anxiety. This is where a footrest comes into play to alleviate the stress accumulated while seating. A footrest helps improve blood circulation in the feet and legs, thereby reducing stress. People may use a footrest not just at home, but they will eventually use them when they return to the office.

10. Practice Proper Hygiene

Hand washing is our first line of defense against germs. Thus, it is still necessary to practice proper hygiene even if things are gradually returning to normal. Installing health safety equipment in your office could make your employees feel safe at the time of their return to their workstation. A secure workplace would definitely help lessen your employees’ anxiety and fear of the virus. Also, providing them personal hand sanitizer is a simple yet powerful way to keep themselves protected all the time.

Branded Wellness Gifts - Hand sanitizer Pen

Branded Wellness Gifts – Hand sanitizer Pen

To Wrap This Up…

Going back to the normal setup of face-to-face interactions can be anxious-inducing for many. However, we can help ease their fears through meaningful branded wellness gifts. The key is to help them navigate the new normal with renewed hope and security.

Never let your employees, clients, and customers get consumed by the problems that surround them. Making them feel safe in their workplace could help ease the transition to the new normal imposed by the pandemic. During this challenging time, supporting each other to overcome the challenges we all are facing is very important.

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