There is no such thing as a perfect job. There are times that employees will get burnout. They may fail to do their job as their employer wished them to do. There would be lapses at times, and they would sometimes lose their focus. As their leader, you have to address it. Not just because you are worried about how it will affect your business, but also because you care about their health and welfare. Creating a healthy atmosphere can help lighten the tension and anxieties that your employees are experiencing. Providing them something that would help them refocus is definitely a great idea. Hence, gifting them with a branded fidget toy such as this is a simple way to show them that you value and care about them.

branded fidget toy

Bubble Popping Fidget Toy

Branded Fidget Toy Features

Whenever people see bubble wrap, their first instinct is to pop it up.  And there should be a science behind this initial action. It is found out that a bubble wrap is a good outlet to dwell on things whenever people feel upset. The idea of the new and improved version of this fidget toy was inspired by this addictive bubble wrap.

This bubble-popping fidget imitates the actual sound of a bubble wrap. With its unique feature, it will surely be the latest craze for many people today. Adults, employees, children, parents- they would all enjoy this new and improved branded fidget toy. Listed below are the reasons why it is a new trend.



Round and made from silicone, everyone would surely love this bubble-popping fidget toy. There are various designs available in the market. There are designs inspired by online game characters as well. Moreover, there is also a wide array of colors to choose from.

branded fidget toy

Customized Fidget Toys


Made from premium food-grade silicone, the item is guaranteed sturdy.  This fidget toy is definitely washable and reusable. Since it is made from durable material, it will not get worn out that easily.



Pop it! Flip it! Everyone can enjoy playing with this toy anytime and anywhere. Whether in their own home, school, and offices, this handheld fidget toy is a perfect carry-on game.


Suits All Ages

Who said that playing is for kids only? Definitely not with this branded fidget toy. It is perfect for just about everyone.  It is also good to play with a team!

branded fidget toy

By pressing the bubble, it produces a slight popping sound. Players who will take the turn will press any number of bubbles they wish within a single row. The player who will press the last one will lose the game. If they wish to play another round of the game, they just have to flip the fidget again. Hence, it is good to play together with family, friends, and even co-workers.


Reduce Anxiety

This fidget toy is not just a toy for children. There is much more to this craze. Aside from fidget spinner challenges, fidget toy collection, and games, this branded fidget toy is a great tool to help your employees deal with anxiety. Even long before, the previous version of the fidget toy is designed to help people manage stress. This pop-it fidget toy can effectively relieve stress and kill boredom. So whenever anyone feels anxious and bored, this fidget toy is a great tension reliever to hold.


How to Create a Stress-free Work Environment?

The tremendous changes brought by the pandemic definitely make your employees anxious. Here are the practical and feasible ways to calm the turmoil that they have.

branded fidget toy

1. Send your employees a wellness gift

Employees feel their worth whenever their superior care about them. Surveys conducted proved that employees feel appreciated whenever they receive gifts from their employer. This simple act can positively influence the mood and attitude of employees towards work. Thus, it helps create a thriving workplace where everyone enjoys every minute spent inside the office. This branded fidget toy would definitely a great present to give to your people. With its health benefits, they would surely love the item.


2. Give Employees a Screen Break

Too much exposure to the radiation produces by the computer causes a lot of health concerns. Some of the complaints heard from employees who work for hours in front of their computer screen are headaches, blurry vision, eyestrain, and even should, neck, and back pain.  As their employer, allowing them to have at least a 20-minute screen break would help them to alleviate eyestrains. And one of the things that they can do while having their breaks is fidgeting. Proven to be an effective tool in maintaining focus, it can help employees to pay more attention to their work right after their screen break.


3. Incorporate relaxation Exercise

The Bubble Pop Fidget toy is certainly a good piece of equipment that is suitable for working people. Since they don’t have enough time to do physical activities, this branded fidget toy is a good exercise for the muscle. Prolonged sitting may cause health concerns, thus engaging them in physical workouts could help them do body movements. Office workers only have limited time to get up from their chair and do stretching exercises. Playing with this fidget toy is just a simple physical activity, yet it has a massive impact on a person’s health.


4. Organize an Indoor Team building

Though some places have eased quarantine restrictions, it does not guarantee that it is safe for everyone to do outdoor activities. Thus, it can be vey difficult to conduct your usual team-building. But worry no more. You can still organize and facilitate your annual team huddle within your building premises. The fact that this toy could be incorporated in various games, it would certainly help create a bond within a team.


Our Takeaways

A healthy working environment produces productive employees. Furthermore, a stress-free environment is one of the key factors that helps a company in the long term. Considering the physical and mental health of every employee must always be one of the top priorities of every business. Without a healthy employee, a company would be nothing.


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